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28 February 2015

Although the Art Gallery of Western Australia does not collect the artistic works of ancient and Islamic Mesopotamia and Iraq, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the act of devastating destruction recently perpetrated to one of the most significant institutions in the Arab world. The collection of the archaeological museum of Mosul represented a wonderful range of artistic and cultural achievements in the area, especially related to the ancient cities of Nimrud, Nineveh and Hatra. Apparently also other archaeological sites as well as libraries have been targeted and devastated, thus demonstrating a deliberate attempt to wipe out the past civilizations in the region. This planned and calculated attack on the artistic heritage and culture of the world is not an exclusive tragic event for the Iraqi people but has universal significance and impact for all humankind. This shocking brutality must stop before more traces of the world of the past are forever destroyed.



20 February 2015

2015 represents the first year of a new direction for AGWA – driven by a refreshed vision and focus for the future. More will unfold in 2016 and following years, but I am greatly pleased by the first steps that we are undertaking in 2015.

From showcasing local talent to broadening our horizons by presenting the art of Australia alongside that of our international counterparts, to stimulating ideas and encouraging conversations, we strive to provide a hub for visual arts in WA. This unfolds through our diverse exhibitions and displays, which are all supported by a range of public programs, artist talks, panel discussions, education resources, and events such as ARTBAR.

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