2011 Acquisitions



SinÉ MacPherson

born 1952 Canada

works Perth, Australia

Siné MacPherson has had a long interest in visual information systems and how they are recorded, particularly natural phenomena such as the weather, the colour of birds and plants as well as words used to describe colours. Her paintings are referenced from art history, literature, the dictionary and physical science texts. These inform her excursions into an expressive abstraction that articulates a visual vocabulary compatible with found text descriptions.

MacPherson’s Rainbow series (2011) provide a phenomenological display of how the colours of the rainbow are affected by the size of raindrops: the purity and range of the colours depend on the size of the raindrops. Each of the three paintings offers a different scenario of colour sequences and visual equivalence, from big drops with more red to small drops with less red and brighter blue, paling out to white when only a mist prevails. MacPherson meticulously tracks the sumptuous perceptual effects of what happens when the precise angle between sun, raindrop and eye meets, for each of us individually, an essentially private experience created b