2011 Acquisitions



SinÉ MacPherson Rainbow 1 2011


SinÉ MacPherson

Rainbow 1 (from the series Rainbow) 2011
oil and enamel on canvas

Siné MacPherson has had a long interest in visual information systems and how they are recorded, particularly natural phenomena such as the weather, the colour of birds and plants as well as words used to describe colours. Her paintings are referenced from art history, literature, the dictionary and physical science texts. Learn more


Daisy Rossi - view of boats on the Swan River


Daisy Rossi

not titled [view of boats on the Swan River] not dated

oil on card

Daisy Rossi was born and grew up in rural South Australia, so she did not commence formal art studies until 1900 when her family moved to Adelaide. This delightful informal view of yachts moored on the Swan River dates from the period following Rossi’s return from Europe and shows all she learned from looking at Impressionist painting first hand. Learn more


Candice Breitz - Factum McNamara (from the series Factum) 2009


Candice Breitz

Factum McNamara (from the series Factum) 2009

dual-channel installation: 2 hard drives

In filmic and photographic works over the past decade, Candice Breitz, has responded to our apparently culturally insatiable appetite for details from the lives of others. Factum 2010 takes up the dynamic theme of the relationships between pairs of identical twins. Her subject is twins and this series of in-depth video portraits extends Breitz’ interest in portraiture and identity. Learn more


Carl Plate Untitled (surreal landscape) 1944


Carl Plate

Untitled (surreal landscape) 1944

oil on hardboard

Carl Plate studied and travelled in Australia and London in the 1930s and developed an appreciation of modern art as a result. On his return to Sydney in 1940 Plate became a firm advocate for modernism through his work both as an artist and as the owner of the highly influential Notanda Gallery and bookshop. Learn more



Annie Andrews - not titled [sketchbook containing 24 pencil sketches] 1919-1920 (detail)


Annie Louise Andrews

not titled [sketchbook containing 24 pencil sketches] 1919-1920


Little is known about the life and art practice of Annie Andrews. Yet the little we do know about her and the maturity of the pencil sketches contained within her sketchbook reveals an artist with graphic experience and technical proficiency. Learn more



Ethel Spowers - Swings 1932


Ethel Spowers

Swings 1932

colour linocut on buff oriental laid tissue

Under the tutelage of Claude Flight, the leading British exponent of the modernist linocut, at the Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London 1928-29, Ethel Spowers was exposed to this twentieth century printmaking technique and Flight’s celebration of the rhythms and movement of machines and the human figure in the modern age. Learn more



Paul Caporn

Insupportable 2011 (installation view)
EVA foam

Paul Caporn builds his recent sculptural objects from received systems of common material only to let them fail, thereby deconstructing their meaning and their role in contemporary life. In this work, children’s interlocking playground rubber mats are reworked into the structure of a scissor-lift which, unable to sustain its own weight, has collapsed. Learn more


Rebecca Dagnall - Paradise 5, 2009


Rebecca Dagnall

Paradise 5 2009
archival inkjet print

Rebecca Dagnall’s balance of dark and light makes her images so vital. Paradise in Suburbia illustrates this perfectly. The series focuses on suburban bush spaces.

Learn more



Jan Billycan

Kirriwirri 2011

synthetic polymer paint on linen

Jan Billycan’s series of paintings, depicting the Country around her birth-site, Kirriwirri, exhibit her natural ability to create canvases defined by highly active and textured surfaces. Rendered in a manner which seems almost carefree, they actually belie a great sophistication and tacit knowledge of the structures of modern pictorial construction. Learn more




Jeremy Lepisto - All the stories (from the Crate series) 2010


Jeremy Lepisto

All the stories (from the Crate series) 2010
kiln-formed, cold worked and assembled glass

Jeremy Lepisto is a glass artist with considerable experience working in technical capacities in Bullseye and other glass companies. This has given him consummate skills with a variety of glasses. Rather than opting to focus on technique, however, Lepisto uses his technical understanding to create work with a delicate atmospheric poetry. Learn more




Penelope Forlano - Terrain side table 2010


Penelope Forlano

Terrain side table 2010
American walnut

Penelope Forlano is a young Western Australian designer. The Terrain side table is the first of her works to enter the Collection. It was made as a homage to the work of iconic modern designers Charles and Ray Eames. Learn more


Timothy Cook - Kulama 2011


Timothy Cook

Kulama 2011
ochre and acrylic binder on linen

Timothy Cook is an established artist working from Milikapiti (Snake Bay) on Melville Island in the Northern Territory. He is an innovator and depicts his traditional narratives in his own aesthetic, using large areas of negative space, fluid and spontaneous application of ochre, loose interwoven lines and rhythmic mark-making that renders surfaces with an almost shimmering surface. Learn more




Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori


Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori

Thundi 2010
synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Sally Gabori spent much of her life working with traditional fibre and weaving techniques, as is customary in her region, however in her late 80’s Gabori began painting on canvas. Gabori’s shift into this medium produced incredible results, and following her first solo exhibition in 2005 she has continued to amaze and inspire national and international audiences with her natural abilities as a colourist and abstractionist. 

Learn more


Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont

Gymnasium 2010

blu-ray disc

In this filmic work, Gymnasium, awarded the prestigious 2010 Basil Sellers Art Prize, Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont explore the cult of heroic athleticism, drawing on such diverse historical visual sources as Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda films, the precision aesthetics of the 1930s Hollywood musicals and Chinese revolutionary ballets of the 1960s.

Learn more


Jon Goulder - Oh la la dining chair 1, 2, 3, 5 2009


Jon Goulder

Oh la la dining chair 1, 2, 3, 5 2009

1) plywood; 2) cardboard and plywood; 3) laminated wood; 5) steel, plywood and wood

Goulder’s respectful and sensitive use of natural materials resides within a context of Australian object design that works with, not against, the demands of its media. Learn more


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