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Join our Gallery Guides for a journey through Historical, Modern, Contemporary, WA Unlimited (Western Australian artists), 6 Seasons (Aboriginal), or see our current exhibition schedule. Explore Guided Tour themes below, and add a studio workshop to enhance the experience by giving students an opportunity to create their own works of art.

Ways of Wondering
An inquiry based interactive tour which encourages critical thinking, emotional literacy and personal response. Students identify basic elements and principles while expressing personal perspectives in response to works of art in the AGWA State Collection and Exhibitions.


Using a range of examples from the Historical, Indigenous and Contemporary State Art Collections, students will discover that art can be a vehicle for the expression of identity.

Experiences from contemporary society provide artists with ideas and concepts which they communicate through visual expression. Using a range of examples from the Historical, Indigenous and Contemporary State Art Collections, discover how the visual arts have reflected and shaped society in different times and places.

From then to Now – The Story of Art
Join our Voluntary Gallery Guides on a unique journey through the State Art Collection to uncover the chronological development of art, from the earliest Australian colonial works to the most contemporary works from all over the world.

Contemporary Art
Using a range of examples from the State Art Collection, students will be challenged and inspired by the ideas, issues and media used by contemporary artists and will discover what defines the art of now.

Reading Art – An exploration of Narrative
In this tour, students will be encouraged to read and interpret art works as unfolding narratives, paying special attention to the way visual devices, symbolism and technical features can assist in developing stories.

Historical and Contemporary Aboriginal Art
Investigate the diversity of Indigenous Art and Culture through our outstanding collection of paintings, works on paper, craft and sculpture. This tour takes an intimate look at the work being produced by Indigenous artists today and examines the many styles and themes that form this diverse and inspiring expression of contemporary Australian culture.


If you are visiting the Gallery with Secondary students ask the front desk for Drawing Breath Journals, FREE for every student as long as they last!

Visual Analysis
15 participants max.

This interactive workshop for secondary visual arts students focuses on visual literacy and interpretation using visual analysis frameworks. Join an Artist Educator for an in-depth exploration of works of art from the State Art Collection and special exhibitions.

Visual Analysis - Drawing Breath
Drawing Breath is a new creative learning approach at AGWA, harnessing MINDFULNESS to enhance creating, looking at, and responding to works of art.



Drawing Breath

A contemplative drawing workshop utilising meditative techniques and mindfulness practices to generate a sense of calm, and access subconscious ideas. This workshop helps students develop a deeper sense of attention, focus and presence by stimulating all the senses and learning breathing practices.

Unlocking Imagination
A playful exploration of creativity and imagination through music, movement and visual art. Unlocking Imagination is a studio workshop where students are encouraged to experiment and take risks by emphasising process and experience, over product. These artist led workshops provide opportunities for students to learn capacities required for authentic creativity as opposed to creating step by step artworks with known outcomes.

Experimental Drawing
A wildly experimental workshop where students explore unusual and unexpected ways of drawing. Opportunities to play with new materials, design mark making implements and perform collaborative live works of drawing.


Ways of Seeing
An investigation of a particular artist’s perspective, themes and techniques followed by the creation of a work of art in response to their unique way of seeing.

Sense of Self
An exploration of self-portraiture emphasising experimentation and unusual ways of expressing identity and character. Students will explore the ways that personality and narrative can be communicated through realistic, abstract or symbolic portraits using a diverse range of techniques and styles.

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