years K-2


The Arts


Appreciating Art
An exciting introduction to the diversity of our State Art Collection, exploring arts language and concepts.


Can you feel it?
Investigate and discover how artists communicate and express emotions in their work through the use of colour, line and texture, as well as subject matter and use of media.


Aqua Spots and Zig Zags
An introduction to the elements of art. Unravel the mysteries of art in this engaging hunt for lines, shapes, textures, tones and colours.


Creating with Colour
An engaging experience for the younger student, this tour introduces the magic behind the colours of art.


Not Flat and That’s That
This art gallery experience encourages students to look beyond just paintings and explore the world of three dimensions.

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appreciating art

Can you feel it


Creating with colour

Not flat




In our Back Yard
Discover art works that tell a story about our own community by looking at a range of works of art about WA, children will learn more about the history and fabric of where they live.


in our back yard


Literature & Language


Every Picture tells a Story
Find the clues to how artists tell stories through visual texts.


Explore the concept of opposites. Through looking at a range of works of art, students will investigate terms such as new and old; big and small; hard and soft; square and round; 2D and 3D; thin and thick; rough and smooth.


every picture tells a story





Animals in Indigenous Art
Discover the many different ways Aboriginal artists represent animals in their art work by exploring a diverse range of both historical and contemporary works.


animals in idig art


Special Exhibition tours & workshops

We design specific tours and workshops that relate to our special exhibitions and can also tailor a program to suit your needs. Please enquire at time of booking.


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