years 7-12


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Come on an arty journey with us!

Years 7-10

This self-guided worksheet encourages your students to explore all corners of the gallery. There are questions to answer, clues to find and space to write about and draw your favorite artworks.

Come on an arty journey with us!


An arty journey at AGWA…

Years 10-12

This self-guided worksheet encourages your students to explore all corners of the Gallery. Find your favorite works to compare and contrast, and write about the artists influences and techniques used to create the works.

An arty journey at AGWA

Visual Analysis: Frames

Use this sheet to analyse art works using the four Frames conceived by Glenis Israel: Subjective Frame, Structural Frame, Cultural Frame and Postmodern Frame.



Visual Analysis: Marsh's Approach

This analysis framework is a 7-step approach to breaking down components of an art work, beginning with ‘First Impression’ and concluding with an examination of contextual influences.



Visual Analysis: Feldmans

Pioneer of Art Education Edmund Feldman conceived a four-step structure for analysing art works comprising Description, Analysis, Interpretation, Judgement. This sheet is an adaptation of his original framework.



Visual Analysis: STICI

STICI is a simple 5-step approach to analysing art works. STICI is an acronym representing the five steps, so is easy for students to remember: Subject, Technique, Influences, Composition, Intention.



Responding to works of art: Paintings

A simple approach to examining paintings which takes students through a set of 6 questions that help them to look more closely and consider their responses.

Responding to works of art

Water Corporation Discovery Sheet

AGWA’s partnership with the Water Corporation has resulted in self-guided, interactive sheets that explore themes surrounding water through responding to works of art from the State Art Collection.

watercorp discovery sheet

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