Year 12 Perspectives Program

Jessie Lee Khmer Grandmothe

Jessie Lee John XXIII College Khmer Grandmother 2013. Charcoal on paper, 122 x 101 cm.

Year 12 Perspectives is your yearly taste of art by some of the best, brightest and most talented graduating high school artists in the State. An annual barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling, it is also a rich celebration of the role the arts play in the development of individual identities.

Entry for year 12 Perspectives 2014

Entry is now open for the Year 12 Perspectives 2014 exhibition.

The Year 12 Perspectives 2014 entry form and the instructions booklet can be downloaded below.

Year 12 Perspectives 2014 information booklet

Year 12 Perspectives 2014

Instruction Booklet

Year 12 Perspectives 2014 Entry Form

Year 12 Perspectives 2014

Entry Form


Please note, due to technical issues, AGWA is extending the submission date for entries to 5pm, Friday 17 October 2014.

Save the form to your desktop prior to filling out. If you experience difficulty filling in fields in the form, complete the fields you can and the others can be hand written. The form can then be scanned and emailed to

Exhibition is on from 7 March - 1 June 2015.



Year 12 Perspectives 2013 was sponsored by the Department of Education, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, Santos, Catholic Education Office of Western Australia.

Government sponsors

Principal Exhibition Sponsor

Exhibition sponsor



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