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Kids are you feeling creative?
Be a Mini Modernist

Our State Art Collection display Your Collection 1920 – 1960 features a drawing table for both children and adults. When you visit this display you can draw a colourful still life using the objects in the exhibition as inspiration, and then either take your work home or display it within the space for everyone to admire.

A still life is an art work that shows a group of objects together, often on a table.

Draw a still life by following these instructions:

• Search for colourful examples of still life around this room for inspiration.

• Look closely at the objects in these display cases; what shapes make up the teapots and plates?

• Plan your drawing so that the shapes make a pleasing composition.

• Try different colours and bold patterns to complete your still life.


Have fun and get creative!


Grace Cossington Smith
Teacups: The Harlequin set c1928
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Purchased 1997
© Grace Cossington Smith 1928

The Modern and Mini Modernist Collection

Here are a few of the fantastic still life drawings created by visitors to the Your Collection 1920-1960 display. They are all inspired by patterns, shapes, colours and energy of the works of art in this Gallery space.

Come and visit the Gallery, and create your own masterpiece.








Last reviewed 8 March 2012

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