Drawing Space

Kids are you feeling creative?

In the State Art Collection display Your Collection

1920–1960 there is a drawing table for children and adults to enjoy!

When visiting this space you are invited to create your own patterned design, inspired by the textile pieces in the display cases and works on the wall. The work can be colourful, dynamic or detailed. You can use hard or soft lines, geometric or organic shapes; it is all up to you, you are the artist!

Once you have finished the work you can take it with you as a memory of your time in the gallery or display it within the space for everyone to appreciate.

Here are some suggestions to get started on your design:

1. Choose your favourite shapes and draw around them to create your own works of art or alternatively, make your own shapes.

2. Use different colours and overlap shapes to create new shapes.

3. Try repeating shapes to create patterns.

4. Combine shapes with lines to make something totally new and fantastic!

Have fun being creative!


Clement Meadmore, John / Sekers Fabrics Kaldor
Clement Meadmore, John / Sekers Fabrics Kaldor
Spacial Arrangement c1962
cotton, silk screened
189 x 119.5 cm
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia








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