Aggie - the world’s first Art Gallery Engagement Robot

AGWA is launching a new public engagement program including a robot guide ‘Aggie’ the world’s first art gallery engagement robot. Developed with Perth-based technology firm Smartbots, Aggie is a walking talking art expert who brings the works in the Gallery to life with enchanting insights and childlike wonder. Aimed specifically at families, Aggie will lead a monthly tour around the collection and also host workshops for children in the new Imagination Room.


• Aggie is the world’s first humanoid robot art gallery guide.

• She is the result of a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Perth-based leader in robotic technology, Smartbots, to bring an entertaining new dimension to the enjoyment of visual arts.

• She will call the Art Gallery of Western Australia home and join its team of 80 guru (human) guides.

• From 28th May she’ll be leading monthly, hour-long tours, providing an informative, entertaining and sometimes humorous look at various artworks within the Gallery’s collection. Read more about Aggie's tours.

• Aggie will also host a monthly Robot Art Class for children. Read more about Aggie's art class.

• Aggie is a truly international robot. She is a Nao robot, designed by French company Alderbaran running on software developed by Belgian firm QBMT, which has been expanded on by Perth-based technology experts Smartbots.

• A simple analogy for this is that the Nao hardware is like a mobile phone handset, while QBMT’s software is comparative to an Android or IoS operating system and Smartbots develops content, similar to an application a user would select to customise his or her handset.

• Aggie’s 58cm tall and weighs 7kg.

• She can walk, talk, sing, dance, wink, maintain eye contact as well as shake and tilt her head.

• She is powered by a rechargeable battery and equipped with:
o 2 x HD cameras
o 2 lateral loudspeakers
o 4 directional microphones
o Sonars (2 x emitting, 2 x receiving)
o Linux Operating System

• Aggie’s presence at AGWA is a result of a partnership with Smartbots.


• Smartbots is a young Perth company passionate about robotic-technology and Australia’s leading distributor of intelligent and interactive humanoid robots.

• The team includes software developers, mechatronic and computer systems engineers capable of customising intelligent robotic solution for specific audiences – including the arts, retail, health and aged care, banking and education sectors.

• Smartbots expertise also extends to the creation and delivery of virtual and augmented reality and it is also working with the Art Gallery of Western Australia to develop a series of virtual reality exhibitions – the first of which, entitled Atmosphere, consists of a sculpture garden showcasing three artworks in AGWA’s collection not currently on display.

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