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Family Friendly Information for Visiting AGWA

Before your next family visit here are a few handy tips to share with your children to help make sure your visit is both fun and safe for the artworks on display.

For the KIDS

Help us preserve the art for future generations by exploring it with your eyes only.

Unless the signs say otherwise, please do not touch the art. Can you believe that oils from food, moisturiser and soap on your hands can stain or even corrode the surfaces of artworks? Some art is more fragile than it looks and even simple touching can cause permanent damage.

Some artworks look really interesting. Parts of artworks sometimes move, surfaces are often bumpy or really shiny or furry. If you want to know what the artwork is made of or how it works, you can look at information on the Gallery label on the wall or ask one of our friendly Guards who can find out for you.

Please stand a metre away from the artworks to prevent accidental damage. A metre is about the length of a tall man’s arm from the fingertips all the way up to the shoulder. It’s not that far, but this distance ensures you don’t knock or bump into the art. It also allows everyone around to see the artwork as well.

Consume food and drink outside. The cultural centre outside the Gallery has plenty of places to sit and eat.

Slow down and walk through the Gallery. Walking is great way to see the artworks and ensure you get to see everything. The floors in the building are slippery and running has the potential to cause accidents to other children and the artworks.

Please consider other visitors by keeping noise levels to a minimum. There is a great playground outside the museum to let off steam.




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