2 February 2013 - 15 April 2013

The winner of the 2013 Tom Malone Prize for contemporary glass artists is Tom Moore.

The Tom Malone Prize 2013 brings together some of Australia's best glass artists. Featuring the 12 artists short-listed for the annual acquisitive award, it includes vessels, wall pieces and small and large scale sculpture. With such diversity on show, it is clear that glass is a medium of almost endless possibility and is the perfect vehicle for the short-listed artists exploration of a range of themes, from the personal to the observational, and range of tones, from the humorous to the meditative. The Tom Malone Prize 2013 short-list comprises: Charles Butcher, Scott Chaseling Cobi Cockburn, Matthew Curtis, Judi Elliott, Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, Deb Jones, Tom Moore, Kirstie Rea, Jason Sims, Nick Wirdnam and Jamie Worsley.

The Tom Malone Prize was established in 2003 as an annual Prize for Australian glass artists. Since its inception, it has facilitated the entry of significant glass works by Nick Mount, Jessica Loughlin, Clare Belfrage, Benjamin Sewell, Kevin Gordon, Charles Butcher, Cobi Cockburn, Deirdre Feeney and Brian Corr into the State Art Collection.

This year’s Prize was judged by Governor of the Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, Elizabeth Malone; Glass artist, Nick Mount; AGWA’s Director, Stefano Carboni; and AGWA’s Curator of Modern and Contemporary Photography and Design, Robert Cook.

Tom Moore’s comments about his winning work, “I have always been excited by improbable stacked forms that seek to defy gravity. I continue to enjoy living on the edge of what is technically possible. Working with glass, I am frequently concerned with how to add elements until I achieve a composite form that resonates with abundant meanings. Buff Sandy is a body builder on a beach, pleased with his acrobatic prowess.”

Download the Tom Malone Prize 2013 Catalogue.

Kirstie Rea
Knowing 2012
kiln formed glass and chair
92 x 47 x 57 cm
Collection of the artist
Photographer: Kirstie Rea


Winner of the Tom Malone Prize 2013
Tom Moore

Buff Sandy 2012
blown and solid glass
69 x 30 x 17 cm
Collection of the artist
Photographer: Grant Hancock







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