The Tom Malone Prize 2010


The Art Gallery of Western Australia is delighted to announce that the winner of the 2010 Tom Malone Prize for contemporary glass artists is Deirdre Feeney.

The Tom Malone Prize, now in its eighth year, is an acquisitive prize for contemporary Australian glass artists, with the winning work entering the State Art Collection. This year the judges Elizabeth Malone, and Art Gallery of Western Australia Director Stefano Carboni, visited the shortlisted artists’ glass studios around Australia before selecting the winning entry.

About the Prize

The Tom Malone Prize was initiated in 2003 by Benefactor of the Foundation of the Art Gallery, Elizabeth Malone. The prize promotes the creation, appreciation and enjoyment of glass made in Australia. It is judged on a rotating basis. In alternate years works are sent to the Gallery and judged by a panel. In intervening years the judges make a series of studio visits to short-listed entrants. This combination of judging methods enhances the Gallery’s connections with the Australian glass community, ensuring strong links are maintained with those making the best work in this fascinating medium.

Short-listed Artists

This year’s shortlist, selected by Robert Cook and Stefano Carboni, includes:

  • Peter Bowles,
  • Lisa Cahill,
  • Brian Corr,
  • Tegan Empson,
  • Deirdre Feeney,
  • Penny Fuller,
  • Holly Grace,
  • Sheena Larsen,
  • Nick Mount,
  • Benjamin Sewell, and
  • Belinda Toll.

Tom Malone Prize Winner 2010 - Deirdre Feeney, That evening 2009

Deirdre Feeney
That evening 2009
Waterjet-cut, kiln-worked, cold-worked,

lamp-worked glass and projected video animation
31.5 x 25.0 x 35.5cm
Photo: David McArthur
© Deirdre Feeney

This abandoned cinema releases fragments of times past into a space where architecture and memory overlap. Buildings, like people, can unknowingly store memories. Forgotten moments hidden within building walls, may be forever invisible to the external world. Sometimes, though, something happens to remind us of what once occurred in these spaces and the walls momentarily release a forgotten event. The work pays homage not only to cinema as a home for the moving image, but the layering and fragmentation of time captured within its walls.                                  Deirdre Feeney

The Winner

In describing Deirdre Feeney's winning work the judges said:

“The 2010 Tom Malone Prize winner emphasises a new and exciting path taken by contemporary glass artists combining great skills with the medium and the use of projected images in order to create a complex viewing experience. The painstaking precision in building up the right proportions and finish of the architectural 'box' - from the most effective polishing of the surface to the bevelling of the window frames in order to better reflect light, from the skilfully lampworked windows to the great attention to all architectural details - confirms the affinity and love of the artist for the glass medium.

It is the magic, pulsating, glowing quality of the work when the projected video images envelope both the interior and exterior surfaces of the "theatre" that won the judges over. The images themselves - a 3-minute video on an infinite loop that wraps the building but is also projected onto a screen albeit partially hidden by the shadow of its facade - are related to the artist's memories and transport the viewer into an endearing 'Cinema Paradiso'-like nostalgic experience. The final effect, especially if experienced in total darkness, is mesmerising and akin to entering a body with a pulsating heart at the centre where the glass object remains the absolute protagonist of the show”.




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