Tom Malone Prize Winners 2009


The Art Gallery of Western Australia is delighted to announce that the two winners of the 2009 Tom Malone Prize for contemporary glass artists are Charles Butcher and Cobi Cockburn.

Charles Butcher

Fundamentally red


cast, cold-worked glass

30 x 30 x 9cm (three units)

© Charles Butcher

Cobi Cockburn

Standing alone



126.5 x 50 x 8cm

© Cobi Cockburn


The Tom Malone Prize, now in its seventh year, is an acquisitive prize for contemporary Australian glass artists, with the winning work entering the State Art Collection. This year ten works were shortlisted, and for the first time, the selection panel chose two winners. The winning works will be displayed at the Art Galley of Western Australia from 21 March.

Judges Elizabeth Malone, a Benefactor of the Art Gallery’s Foundation, Robert Cook, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, and Stefano Carboni, Director, made the following statement:

The joint winners of the Tom Malone Prize 2009 are Charles Butcher and Cobi Cockburn. Both display amazing technical skills and a unique vision in glass. Butcher’s Fundamentally red is composed of three blocks of solid, red glass grooved with deep rings. When light shines through the circular grooves these sections appear much more red and brighter than the surrounding areas of solid glass. From one side the hum of hot distant planet is evoked; from the other, the fiery furnace in which hot glass is moulded is distinctly alluded to. Cockburn’s work, on the other hand, is cool and calm. A smooth, wall-hung piece with a gentle curve it represents an endless Australian landscape. Space is depicted via the elegant stratification of hot-worked glass. The finish is superb, edged in dark glass that contains yet intensifies this poetic form and composition. Together, these finely-tuned, perfectly resolved works will be wonderful additions to the glass component of the State Art Collection.

The Tom Malone Prize was initiated in 2003 by Benefactor of the Foundation of the Art Gallery, Elizabeth Malone. The prize promotes the creation, appreciation and enjoyment of glass made in Australia. It is judged on a rotating basis. In alternate years works are sent to the Gallery and judged by a panel. In intervening years the judges make a series of studio visits to short-listed entrants. This combination of judging methods enhances the Gallery’s connections with the Australian glass community, ensuring strong links are maintained with those making the best work in this fascinating medium.

This year’s shortlist includes Nick Mount, Cobi Cockburn, Charles Butcher, Brian Corr, Lisa Cahill, Matthew Curtis, Tegan Empson, Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott, Richard Whiteley and Tom Rowney.

The winning and shortlisted works for the Tom Malone Prize 2009 will be on show at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from Saturday 21 March  - Friday 29 May 2009. Make sure you see this slice of the best in Australian contemporary glass.


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