11 February - 9 April 2012

Year 12 Perspectives is your yearly taste of art by the best, brightest and most talented graduating high school artists in the State. An annual barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling, it is also a rich celebration of the role the arts play in the development of individual identities.

Mitchell Page
Canning Vale College
Lividly Vivid 2011 (detail)
photographic print
five parts, 75 x 103 cm each


A message from the Hon John Day MLA

Minister for Culture and the Arts









Year 12 Perspectives is a diverse and exciting art exhibition highlighting original works created by the state’s metropolitan and regional Year 12 Visual Art students. This annual exhibition organised by the Art Gallery of Western Australia acknowledges the importance of art and education in the community and celebrates the achievements of young people in Western Australia.

Year 12 Perspectives once again presents the highest standard of art making amongst Year 12 students, and the large number of visitors this exhibition attracts each year is evidence that it is an event which is highly anticipated and enjoyed by Western Australians and visitors to our State.

 The works of art on display are the culmination of a long and demanding year in each student’s life. The works present the ideas and experiences of today’s youth, offering the public a means to connect with young people. It also provides unique insights into their aspirations and the questions raised by our rapidly changing world. 

The exhibition is an acknowledgement by the Government of Western Australia of the importance of arts and culture to society, and sends a powerful message that the formative years of art training are valued highly for the significant contribution they make to forging a creative future for young people and to the cultural vibrancy of Western Australia.

I congratulate the participating students and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.


Director's Foreword

Stefano Carboni





















The Art Gallery is proud to present Year 12 Perspectives 2011.  Since 1991 it has been one of the Gallery’s most popular and most visited exhibitions.  Its appeal lies in its ability to capture and reflect the trends in the concerns, thoughts and sentiments of young people each passing year. 

Year 12 Perspectives 2011 is comprised of selected works by last year’s graduating students from the Year 12 Visual Arts Course. The course provides a platform for creative expression and sophisticated skills development, as is evident in the works selected for the exhibition.  In this regard, the support of the Department of Education, the Curriculum Council of Western Australia and the Catholic Education Office is essential to this exhibition. 

Amongst the many ideas explored in the student’s work, it is an examination of relationships and connections – between peers, family members, the community at large and towards oneself – that characterize this years exhibition.  There has been a decided shift towards the use of digital media in its multitude of forms to explore the subject, and to create and display the work.  There are also excellent examples of more traditional art forms.

Over the years we have been privileged to have been supported by the International Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC), and in particular Dr Haruhisa Handa, who laid the foundations for a valued and creative cultural exchange program of art with Japanese students.  This year IFAC and Dr Handa have been instrumental in supporting the victims and survivors of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and ensuing tsunami off the Pacific coast of Japan, and as such have been unable to participate in the Year 12 Perspectives 2011 exhibition. We extend to them our support and best wishes.

The Gallery is thrilled to welcome Santos Ltd as the new principal sponsor of the Year 12 Perspectives exhibition. Santos are known for their support of community arts endeavours not only in Perth but around the country. This well-loved exhibition celebrating the creative talents of young West Australians fits perfectly with the Santos ethos and values. I welcome them as a new Gallery sponsor, sincerely thank them for their generosity and encourage you all to vote in the Santos Year 12 Perspectives People’s Choice Award.

I thank the teachers, parents and friends of participating students who have provided support and encouragement.  I also thank the judging panel – Genevie Baker (Catholic Education), Yvonne Wiese (President, Art Education Association of Western Australia), Jodine McBride (Head of Learning , Arts, Applecross Senior Highschool and Department of Education and Training), Carmel O’Neill (Curriculum Council of Western Australia) and Clotilde Bullen, Curator of Indigenous Art.

Lastly, thank you to the creative and hard-working students whose work is at the heart of this exhibition.  I am certain that Year 12 Perspectives 2011 offers visitors an opportunity to connect with our young people in unexpected, challenging and rewarding ways.


A Message from John Anderson, Santos ltd, principal exhibition sponsor

Santos Vice President - WA & NT














Where would we be without creativity? Without the examination and interrogation of our society through the bristle of a brush or the eye of a lens, casting new light on old ground; giving us a fresh perspective? A poorer place, for sure. That’s why we’re excited about the Year 12 Perspectives exhibition – it’s a window into our world from a younger viewpoint, from those best placed to shape its future, It is therefore with great pleasure that Australian energy company Santos comes together with the Art Gallery of Western Australia to support the much-loved and widely anticipated annual Year 12 Perspectives exhibition.


At Santos, we firmly believe in getting involved with and supporting the communities in which we have a presence and, in the case of the Year 12 Perspectives, we are delighted to be able to help foster and develop the extraordinary talents of Western Australia’s youth, and through the exhibition, provide opportunities for that talent to be showcased to a wider audience. It’s clear to see from the 51 artists represented in this year’s exhibition that Western Australia’s young artistic talent is flourishing.

The passion, artistry and intelligence conveyed through the works in the exhibition make for an exhilarating experience. Congratulations to those students whose work was selected for this twentieth instalment of Year 12 Perspectives. It is an incredible achievement and a fine acknowledgement of your abilities.

I am also pleased to announce the Santos Year 12 Perspectives People’s Choice Award, which sees the introduction of prizes for the winning artist, as voted by the public, the winner’s school, as well as a prize for a lucky member of the public who votes for the winning entry. So, I encourage you to take the time to vote for your favourite piece of art in the exhibition. With such a variety of works on display I’m positive that it won’t be an easy vote to cast, and I look forward to finding out the people’s choice when we announce the winner on April 4.


Packers' Prize Winner

This years winner of the Packers' Prize is Nathanael Kenworthy from All Saints' College. Nathanael won a $150 Art Gallery Store voucher. His work caught the eye of the Gallery's installation team!

Nathanael Kenworthy
All Saints' College
A Cathedral by the Sea 2011
mixed media
130 x 350 x 150 cm


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Year 12 Perspectives 2011 is sponsored by the Department of Education, Curriculum Council, Santos and Catholic Education.

Government sponsors

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