Culture Juice – Beyond Bling!

13 October 2018 – 14 January 2019 | FREE



Are you ready for bling!

Building on the success of The Rise of Sneaker Culture and Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures, AGWA presents the next exhibition in its Culture Juice program: Beyond Bling! celebrating, exploring and making jewellery and adornment.

Beyond Bling! also features capsule displays from key collectors including major historic works, including gold nugget jewellery, from antiquarian expert Trevor Hancock and by contrast some jaw-dropping displays from Perth's King of Bling, Shane Pavlinovich.


Introducing AGWA’s honorary "Jewel Thief in Residence" – Shane Pavlinovich.

Born in Kalgoorlie and growing up in elegant seclusion in a homestead with his bejewelled mother on the family goldmine (since lost), young Pavlinovich was destined to stand out as a diamond in the rough.

Today, Shane is a man of many jewels and facets – collector of hundreds of sumptuous and flamboyant sparkling pieces; creator and maker or bespoke statement jewellery to the bewitching (and we are talking ‘statement’ here with a capital S); and vibrant man-about-town in Perth with to-die-for bling that would make Liberace blush and Princess Mary jealous. Passionate and knowledgeable about rococo ornamentation and gems, he is officially known on his passport as Duke of Pearl.

AGWA is delighted to welcome some of his impressive collection to the Gallery, to share his enthusiasm with visitors, and to install him, appropriately on Bling Day, Sat 13 October, as AGWA’s King of Bling.

Folks, you have been warned: wear your sunnies.



Shane Pavlinovich



Introducing WA’s antiquarian jewel expert – Trevor Hancock.

Trevor is the leading light, indeed a rare gem, in Australian historical jewellery and his base Trinity Antiques is the oldest antique store in any capital city of Australia.

Trevor’s background in economics intertwines beautifully with antiques – and his heart is betrothed to early Australian colonial antiquities due to their rarity and increasing demand. Australian colonial pieces are items made in Australia pre-1900’s and are typically silverware, jewellery, furniture, and paintings.

From its humble beginnings 37 years ago, Trinity Antiques has a distinguished history of supplying the greatest number of pieces of Australian historical jewellery to the National Gallery, National Museum, National Library, Parliament House, and many of the state galleries.

He will be curating a dramatic selection of nugget jewellery for the Beyond Bling! exhibition and talking at the opening day on 13 October.

His knowledge is extensive and Trevor has stories for days. From the Gold Rush and Elizabeth Taylor, to the infamous Lola Montez, a mistress to several European noblemen who would perform her Spider Dance while miners showered her with gold nuggets as she lifted her skirt up higher! After being condemned for debauchery by the local Ballarat newspaper, Montez marched into the newsroom with a bull whip and demanded to see the editor. Legend has it she gave him a whipping in front of the entire staff.

Trevor is one of a kind just like his store, the history it holds and the stories he tells. We are delighted to showcase his expertise and collection at AGWA.



Trevor Hancock













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