Made to remember

24 November 2012 - 30 June 2013

Made to Remember is the next instalment of Collection in focus – a series of rotating displays drawn from the State Art Collection. Each display provides an in-depth exploration of a distinct area within the Collection.

Made to Remember is a beautifully considered display of significant Indigenous objects from the State Art Collection selected by Clotilde Bullen, Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of WA. With a diverse selection of works including glass and ceramic objects, textiles and clothing, as well as examples of traditional sculpture, Made to Remember encourages dialogue about the place of an object not only in Indigenous art and culture, but in the broader Australian context.

Many of the Indigenous artists whose work is in the State Art Collection deal with found objects, and relatively new introduced technologies. A substantial number of Indigenous artists’ works, however, remain directly linked through style, materials or medium to traditional practices. Between this space is a zone in Indigenous art practice where objects can be seen as innovative, unusual and fundamentally unique.

Made to Remember scrutinises these practices and examines the complexity of relationships between utilitarian objects of work (such as baskets), objects made purely for pleasure and aesthetic satisfaction, and objects designed to aid in worship or to fulfil ritual obligation.

Stefano Carboni, Director of the Art Gallery of WA, says, “The State Art Collection is an incredible and inspiring resource for all local audiences and visitors. I am delighted to deliver another vibrant and challenging display showcasing rarely seen works from the Collection. I urge anyone with an interest in craft to experience this display. The diversity and unique nature of each of the 48 objects in Made to Remember reflects current art practice in the wider Indigenous community. It is a pleasure and an honour to have them on display.”

Jenni Kemarre Martiniello
Medium flax eel trap 2012
glass, 48 x 30.4 cm
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Purchased through The Leah Jane Cohen Bequest, Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation, 2012
© Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, 2012


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