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Screen Space Angelica Mesiti

29 August – 8 November 2015

Citizens band documents the individual performances of four migrant musicians, concluding with a polyphonic piece created by playing all the soundtracks together. Each player produces a distinct sound through techniques that are inflected with their cultural origin. All poignantly evoke their remembrance of the homeland and their displacement from the urban Western context in which they perform.

WA Focus - Proximity Festival

28 October - 8 November 2015

Curated by Sarah Rowbottam and Kelli Mccluskey
Co-presented by the Art Gallery of Western Australia

In October and November AGWA will be home to 12 intimate performances tailor-made for an audience of one!

Proximity Festival 2015 is 12 days of experimental performances, intimate gallery tours, caffeine-fuelled discussions, and a very special opening party.

Proximity's fourth annual program brings together 12 emerging and established artists from Australia and the United Kingdom who sensitively provoke you to reconsider what performance can be.

WA Focus - Helen Smith

15 August - 18 October 2015

Helen Smith’s practice spans painting, photography and site specific installation that incorporates a minimalist approach to geometric forms while reflecting her interest in social and cultural systems. Her working method is the same across the various media she employs and derives from her view of each work as a container for the idea.

Paintings and photographs selected from the Collection are shown together for the first time to demonstrate the subtle inter-relationship of these two streams of her practice, alongside new paintings
she has created in the last year

Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2015
4 July - 12 October 2015

The Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards, one of the richest Indigenous arts prizes in the country, is a national award founded in 2008 to celebrate the scope, diversity and excellence of art from all corners of Indigenous Australia. The awards acknowledge the significant and ongoing contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists make to Australian art, culture and society.

Fourteen finalists will be represented in the exhibition of the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2015. The artists who have been invited to participate in the awards exhibition have the opportunity to share in $65,000 in prizes. The awards comprise a group exhibition of outstanding art and three non-acquisitive awards totalling $65,000: the Western Australian Indigenous Art Award of $50,000; the Western Australian Artist Award of $10,000; and the People’s Choice Award of $5,000.

Desert River Sea Display

18 July - 7 September 2015

Discover Aboriginal art and stories from the Kimberley region. Learn about the artists and art centres in one of Australia’s most culturally vibrant regions.

This display highlights works from Desert River Sea: Kimberley Art Then & Now, a multi-faceted project conceived to forge a closer working relationship between our Gallery and art communities in the Kimberley region while recording the artistic practices within this culturally diverse area of Western Australia. Alongside a selection of Kimberley works from the State Art Collection, artists’ stories captured during the 2014 collaboration with FTI’s Indigenous Community Stories will be screened.

Screen Space - Susan Norrie Enola

30 May - 16 August 2015

A new work is screened every two months in this dedicated space for AGWA’s growing filmic acquisitions.

Enola's title refers to the American plane Enola Gay that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. Norrie’s interest in nuclear and environmental issues influences this work. The setting is a children’s architectural theme park in Nikko, Japan that once displayed miniature versions of iconic international buildings. The camera’s slow-panning around the park is set to muzak suggesting a harmonious world, not the dystopian reality of the post-nuclear age.

WA Focus - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Abdul Abdullah

22 April - 27 July 2015

A new annual program dedicated to displaying the work of Western Australian artists, WA Focus showcases recent and new work by local artists, selected to represent a mix of gender, experience and medium.

AGWA will work closely with Western Australian artists and the art community to present exhibitions that display the range and depth of our state’s creative talent.

The space debuts with Abdul-Rahman Abdullah’s sculptures and installations and Abdul Abdullah’s interdisciplinary work. The brothers, who often collaborate, will explore themes of cultural identity, memory and narrative.

For Love of Country

4 April - 20 July 2015

For Love of Country marks the Gallery’s contribution to Perth’s commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the First World War and the Australian Gallipoli campaign. Drawn from the State Art Collection, this exhibition presents a compelling mix of historical works from the First and Second World Wars, together with contemporary works that reflect on wider issues and conflicts.

The exhibition provides a powerful visual narrative of the many forms of conflict across generations and countries and offers a reflective experience for viewers of war’s grim legacy on people and places.

Mariko Mori: Rebirth

8 February - 29 June 2015

Tokyo-born, New York and London-based Mariko Mori is one of the most important artists of our time. Through an exploration of themes, such as life, death and rebirth, her work resonates with audiences around the world.

Rebirth is an immersive, contemplative experience composed of installations, glowing LED sculptures, photographs, drawings and videos. Quiet and beautiful, this thoughtful and absorbing exhibition takes us from a sculpture symbolising the eternal cycle of life to the creation of a pulsing white hole - where stars are born. Emanating positivity and generating wonder, Rebirth celebrates our existing balance with nature and gently places you between the earth and the wider cosmos.

Year 12 Perspectives 2014

7 March - 1 June 2015

Year 12 Perspectives is your yearly taste of art by some of the best, brightest and most talented graduating high school artists in the State. An annual barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling, it is also a rich celebration of the role the arts play in the development of individual identities.

Screen Space - Wong Hoy Cheong Dog Hole

7 March - 17 May 2015

A new work is screened every two months in this dedicated space for AGWA’s growing filmic acquisitions.

This haunting video is a dramatic recreation of the brutal occupation of Malaysia by the Japanese in World War II. It portrays the 1942 Sook Ching massacre through the account of Wong Kum Peng, one of very few survivors of the detention cells. From this disturbing account, Wong creates a work of beauty, and ultimately by the end of the film, redemption.

Tom Malone Prize 2015

4 March - 6 April 2015

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is delighted to announce that the winner of the 2015 Tom Malone Prize for contemporary glass artists is Cobi Cockburn for the work Close to white.

Now in its thirteenth year, the Tom Malone Prize is a highly respected and eagerly anticipated event for contemporary Australian glass artists. This is reflected in the high quality of the prize winners and the competitive shortlists.

Treasures of the Jewish Ghetto of Venice

Restored by Venetian Heritage
8 December 2014 - 16 March 2015

In 1943 a number of precious silver and bronze objects dating from the 1700s to early 1900s were hidden from the approaching Nazi armies by two Venetian Jewish religious leaders who never returned from the concentration camps. These valuables, which represent traditional Venetian Jewish silversmithing and bronze-casting methods, were forgotten until they were unearthed during the restoration of the Scuola Spagnola (or Ponentina) in the Venetian ghetto a few years ago, and a selection from this collection are on display at AGWA.

Australian Design: Ten years of the Peter Fogarty Fund

16 August 2014 - 9 March 2015

The Peter Fogarty Design Fund was established by Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation Governor Dr Tim Jeffery to support the acquisition of works by Australian designers and craftspeople not yet represented in the Collection.

Australian Design: ten years of the Peter Fogarty Fund presents the exceptional works purchased from the Fund over the last ten years. It includes jewellery by Mari Funaki, Cinnamon Lee, Helena Bogucki, Sally Marsland, furniture by Jon Goulder, Khai Liew, Dinosaur Designs, Korban/Flaubert, Penelope Forlano, Tomek Archer and Christopher Robins, ceramics by Kirsten Coehlo and Robin Best, glass by Jasper Dowding, stationary and vessels by DANIEL.EMMA, knitted backpacks by Allysha Coghlan, As these names attest, the Peter Fogarty Design Fund has been truly transformative of the Collection, and has formed the heart of all the Gallery’s craft and design acquisitions over the last decade.

new passports, new photography
15 November 2014 - 8 February 2015

new passports, new photography is a celebration of the Gallery’s recent acquisitions of contemporary photography around the theme of portraiture. It brings together over one hundred works – the majority of which are yet to be displayed – that explore how photographers use the camera to reflect, construct and challenge identity.

Screen Space - David Rosetzky's Nothing Like This

13 December 2014 - 1 March 2015

A new work is screened every two months in this dedicated space for AGWA’s growing filmic acquisitions. The space debuts with David Rosetzky’s 2007 work Nothing Like This.

The work is largely set by the ocean and follows the almost dream like interactions of a group of young people. Suffused with greens, yellow and refracted light, the film draws on the stylised look of contemporary advertising modes. A tone of slow melancholy builds as the sound track records the imagined monologues of youthful selfdoubt and questioning. Languor and unease pervade this contemplative evocation of life, while the beauty of the unfolding landscape contrasts with the young players’ personal reflections.



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