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Sponsorship makes such a vital contribution to AGWA. The contribution of our corporate partners contributes to important initiatives such as exhibitions, showcasing our State Collection, research and development projects, public programs and guided tours and AGWA celebrations, openings and events.

We are grateful to each and every one of our sponsors for the part they play in AGWA’s success and the importance they place in understanding the value of enriching the lives of their clients, their staff and their community through experiencing the stimulation and joy of art.


Annual Sponsors



Wesfarmers Arts | Principal Partner

Our Principal Partner, Wesfarmers Arts leads the way in our community through their diverse support of art and cultural events and programs. An inaugural financial supporter of AGWA since 1990 and AGWA’s Principal Partner, the relationship between AGWA and Wesfarmers Arts is continually evolving and is distinctive for its collaborative endeavours and for the range and depth of benefits enjoyed by both parties. Wesfarmers understand the distinction and importance of both corporate philanthropy and corporate sponsorship. This is demonstrated through being one of the four lead corporate donors contributing a million to the Gallery Foundation’s TomorrowFund in 2008, and through Wesfarmers Arts renewal of their Principal Gallery sponsorship for AGWA's exhibitions and public programs.

A component of Wesfarmers Arts annual sponsorship goes to the Gallery’s twice daily, free guided Wesfarmers Arts tours where AGWA’s expert Gallery guides share aspects and insights of the State Collection and touring exhibitions with the WA public and visitors to our state.


Wesfarmers Arts - Principal Partner



303LOWE are part of AGWA’s creative team, providing valuable in-kind communications, design and advertising resources and advice.



Audi are both an annual sponsor of the Gallery and the key sponsor of ARTBAR, the Gallery’s sell out late night entertainment offering where art, entertainment, food and wine come together.

The Audi/AGWA partnership is an innovative and exciting example of a sponsorship that allows AGWA to reach new audiences in new ways, with the ARTBAR driven by Audi brand inspiring other galleries around the country.

ARTBAR by Audi

The Sunday Times Perth Now

The Sunday Times Perth Now provides generous in-kind promotions and advertising support to help spread the word about what’s happening at AGWA.

Sundat Times - PerthNow


Special Projects



Desert River Sea: Kimberley Art Then and Now

Desert River Sea: Kimberley Art Then and Now will be the Gallery’s key Indigenous focus through to 2018. Funded by the Rio Tinto Community Investment Fund, the project evolved out of two years prior research and consultation with Arts Centre Communities and Indigenous elders in the Kimberley. Desert River Sea is an ambitious vision that will celebrate the wonderful Indigenous art of the Kimberley, connecting past and emerging artists and art professionals with each other and with the wider world.

Desert River Sea: Kimberly Art Then and Now

Rio Tinto


Exhibition Sponsors



Ernst & Young | International Touring Exhibitions - Principal Sponsor

Ernst & Young have been a major supporter of key international exhibitions at AGWA since 2007, including Principal Sponsor of AGWA’s exclusive Great Collections of the World Series, the highlight of which was the MoMA exhibitions. EY are known for their support of the visual arts around the world, collaborating with the Gallery to share the richness of each exhibition with their clients, employees and their families and the community.

They are currently the Principal Sponsor of the stunning photographic exhibition, Richard Avedon People.


Singapore Airlines | International Airline Sponsor

Singapore Airlines provided significant in-kind support for the MoMA series by way of international flight and cargo support. AGWA and Singapore Airlines also collaborate closely to promote key exhibitions to their employees and Singapore Airlines loyalty and privileged memberships, and throughout their international flying networks.

They are currently providing support towards Richard Avedon People.

Singapore Airlines

Accor Hotels | Accommodation Sponsor

Accor hotels are a worldwide hotel chain. They provide wonderful assistance to AGWA when visiting artists travel to WA and work closely with us to promote Gallery exhibitions to their guests. Accor and AGWA regularly collaborate on cross promotional opportunities and benefits for their guests and our visitors working together to spread the word about AGWA’s exhibitions to their worldwide hotel network. Learn more about Accor's current accommodation packages.

Accor Hotels

Santos Ltd | Year 12 Perspectives, Exhibition Sponsor

Santos Ltd proudly sponsor Perth’s favourite annual exhibition, Year 12 Perspectives which reflects their vibrancy and community focus. Their sponsorship also includes the Santos People’s Choice Award where members of the public have a chance to cast a vote for their favourite work.


The Education Department, the Curriculum and Standard Authority, and the Catholic Education Office| Education Sponsors

The Gallery is grateful for the generous support of all our Education Sponsors. Not only do they contribute financially to the Year 12 Perspectives exhibition but they are integral for helping AGWA to promote the exhibition and circulate information to students and teachers in the WA schools community.

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