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The Next Collective is AGWA Foundation’s new group for young professionals who share a growing passion for art and an interest in playing an active role in the direction of their State Art Gallery, while developing their professional and social networks.

Next Collective members make an annual tax-deductible donation to a pooled fund and are invited to a live pitch on where to focus their support. They decide the outcome by voting on what their donations make possible, such as a new acquisition, an education program or an exhibition.


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There are two levels of support and flexible payment options:

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Join the Next Collective and help shape your Gallery’s future

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Why join the Next Collective?

Get social – Be invited to a number of exclusive events each year where you can meet people who are like-minded and equally passionate about art and culture. You can also bring friends to Next Collective events to share the experiences that inspire you. *There is a small fee to attend some events to cover catering costs and to ensure member contributions are fully tax-deductible and entirely directed toward the art.

Make connections – Be invited to a selection of AGWA Foundation events each year and mingle with the Gallery’s broader network of supporters. The AGWA Foundation raises funds to build our State Art Collection and deliver extraordinary exhibitions and programs. It is comprised of more than 500 generous philanthropists including some of Western Australia’s most influential business people.

Learn and grow – Broaden your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of art with access to artist talks, curator tours, and in-depth sessions on topics ranging from art collecting and conservation to new mediums of art.

Shape the future –
Be personally involved in the process of philanthropic decision-making. You’ll be invited to attend an annual event to vote on how your funds will be used, with options that may include supporting the acquisition of a contemporary artwork for the State Art Collection, the presentation of a cutting-edge exhibition, a crucial conservation effort, or an innovative public program or special event.

Make a difference – By donating your money to a pooled fund with a future focus, you will maximise your philanthropic impact and create a long-lasting legacy. You will play your part to ensure the benefit of art to our wellbeing, the way we express ourselves, and the way we relate to each other is enjoyed for generations to come.

Feel good – Being a member enables you to express your values of creativity and contribution, all while experiencing that warm glow you get from giving to a cause you care about. Plus, participating in arts and cultural experiences is known to increase your overall happiness.

Give wisely – Your minimum annual donation of $700 is fully tax deductible. For less than $60 a month, you will join the next wave of arts philanthropists and start creating an impact. If you work for a company with a workplace giving program, you may be able to receive half your annual donation paid through a matching gift, or you may choose to amplify your impact by doubling your donation.

Start a lifelong journey – In your fifth year of continuous membership, you will be invited to make a pledge to join the AGWA Foundation in your sixth year. Next Collective members at the Foundation level commit to this journey from the get-go. Foundation membership is for life, and once it has been achieved members can continue their annual donation to the Next Collective to hold both memberships concurrently.


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