Pulse Perspectives 2022

An exhibition celebrating the artworks of students who completed Year 12 Visual Arts in 2021.

This year we are doing things differently. With the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, we want to ensure nothing gets in the way of your students’ submissions for Pulse Perspectives 2022, so we are taking the full submission process online. Yes, that’s right, you don’t even have to leave your classroom!

Entries are now open!

Pulse Perspectives 2022 submission process has changed. Read all information carefully.

Your step by step guide

All works will be judged from photographs and videos supplied by schools. Entries not complying with the entry requirements will be ineligible for selection.

Entries must be submitted by teachers, not individual students. Teachers will receive automatic email notification that their entries have been accepted.

Related Information

  1. Register your school
    You can register your school NOW.
    • Create a school profile by registering your school as soon as you can.
    • Please note - you will receive an email with a link to create a password for your school profile. The link will only be valid within one hour, so ensure you complete the process within that time.
    • Once your school profile has been created with your password, you will be able to log in at any time to enter your students’ works.
  2. Select the artworks
    Only choose artworks that comply with the entry requirements.
  3. Photograph and video the artworks
    Refer to the photography tips to assist you with preparing your photographs and videos.
  4. Submit entries
    Complete the the online submission form by 21 October 2021.
    Reminder – GATE schools can submit up to 7 works, all other schools can submit up to 5 works.


It’s that simple! You will receive an email notification for each submission you make. Teachers will be notified by email on 12 November ONLY if any works have been selected.


General Questions

Who can enter Pulse Perspectives 2022?
Artworks made in 2021 as part of the requirements for Visual Arts ATAR or Visual Arts General courses only.


About the online entry form

I made a mistake on my entry form. What should I do?
At the bottom of the School Details page sits a list of your submissions. Each of them has a link to edit and a link to delete.
I’ve filled in the form and clicked submit but I’m not sure if it worked. What should I do?
You should receive an automatic email notification. If you don’t receive one, email yr12entries@artgallery.wa.gov.au
When do online entries close?
15 October 2021


About the artwork

What could make my work ineligible for selection?
Artwork must be stable and well-constructed for display.
Artwork must not contain organic material such as soil, flowers, fruit, food stuffs, leaf matter, any other substance that might attract pests.
Do I need to frame the artwork for the online submission?
No. If the artwork is selected, AGWA may advise you of any framing requirements.
How many works can I submit?
Schools can submit up to five works. Only GATE schools are permitted to submit up to seven works.


About photographs and videos

Do photographs and videos need to be professional?
No. You can use your phone. Refer to our Photography Tips for guidelines about photographing and videoing your artwork.
Do I need to submit a 15 second video?
No. You will only need to submit a 15 second video if you feel still photographs cannot show the detail and complexity of a multi-part work. The video must be added as a Vimeo link.
Can I submit more than three photographs?
No. You will only be allowed to submit three photographs in total. See our Photography Tips for further clarification.


About the selection process

When will I find out if any of our works have been selected?
Friday 12 November 2021.
How will I know if any works have been selected?
Teachers will be notified by email.
Will I be notified if our works have not been selected?
No. Only works that have been selected will receive an email notification.
If our works are not selected, will I receive any feedback?
No. Due to the high volume of submissions, AGWA will not be able to provide feedback.


Questions about delivery of artwork

If my work is selected, when does it need to be delivered to the Gallery?
The artwork will need to be delivered on 22 and 23 November 2021.
If my work is selected, can I send a courier to deliver the work to the Gallery?
No. Only regional schools will be permitted to send a courier. Schools are responsible for setting the work up at AGWA for judges to view.



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