Artist Activations

Come and PLAY with ideas and materials.

Gallery 9 is now dedicated to interactive exhibition experiences!

Artist Activations are artist-led exhibitions that invite audiences of all ages to participate in hands-on multi-sensory, long-term projects that have social, emotional and community impact. The projects invite multiple perspectives, explore contemporary ideas, and encourage experimentation, risk-taking and discovery.

The AGWA Learning Team curates and collaborates with artists, educators, and children to develop interactive each Gallery 9 exhibition experience designed to inspire, challenge and engage audiences of all ages and abilities.

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Artist Activations are:

• Flexible: There are always multiple entry points that allow children/audiences of all abilities and skill levels to take part in some way.

• Tactile: The materials are sensory, accessible and safe.

• Collaborative: The projects are designed so that children/audiences of all ages can share experiences, create together and build relationships.

• Interactive: The exhibitions are always interactive and provide opportunities for social/emotional learning in a multi-sensory environment.

• Empowering: Opportunities are provided for children/audiences to make choices and be agents of their own experience and learning.

• Open-ended: The creative opportunities are open-ended providing agency and opportunity for imagination, experimentation and discovery.

• Artist led: Development of projects is artist led. Participation provides access to artist processes and concepts using high quality materials to ensure children/audiences have access to genuine and meaningful arts practice.

• Co-designed: An emergent development process in collaboration with artists and children always informs the development of the project.

• Research driven: Long term projects and slow practice philosophies of ‘staying-longer’ create opportunities for research partnerships and meaningful evaluation of social/emotional impact and learning outcomes.

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