Curator Talk & Panel Discussion | T-shirts right now

Curator Talk & Panel Discussion | T-shirts right now

Curator Talk | Eddie Zammit
11am, Sun 19 Apr 

Join lead curator Eddie Zammit in the T-shirts right now exhibition space and learn about his infinite T-shirt collection, as well as the journey to presenting this AGWA exclusive showcase.

T-shirt Panel Discussion
2pm, Sun 19 Apr 

Presented by Eddie Zammit, T-shirt industry locals and enthusiasts, join us in a panel discussion set to question and enrich your understanding of T-shirt culture.

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Eddie Zammit portrait
Eddie Zammit. Photo by Nicole Reed.


About Eddie Zammit

Melbourne-born T-shirt king Eddie Zammit is the founder of T-world, the only T-shirt journal in existence. In recent times, Zammit has travelled and worked between Melbourne, New York and Sydney exercising his aptitude and passion for art direction and curation – to help, for the most part, move the T-shirt culture forward. He has facilitated many successful T-shirt collaborations, most notably for some of the most innovative T-shirt labels on the planet including Johnny Cupcakes, Mambo, Mishka, REBEL8, Threadless and countless array of independent brands. He currently owns in excess of 9,000+ T-shirts and has hosted exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world.