Meet the Maker | Idle Hands

Meet the Maker | Idle Hands

Meet the Makers Series - Sundays on the AGWA Rooftop Bar.

Join us every Sunday for a free series of Meet the Makers at the AGWA Rooftop Bar.

Learn about our local artisans, how they began their journey, the process of making their signature beverages, and sample the fruits of their labour.

Cocktails by Idle Hands Drinks Co. run by Andrew McIntyre and Mitch Keane.

With over 25 years combined experience across cocktail bars, festivals and spirit production and distribution, we know how to take the devil out of cocktail service for you. We provide quality cocktail solutions for your venue or event using fresh and innovative ingredients to make the tastiest drinks possible. In collaboration with the Art Gallery of Western Australia we have designed a menu celebrating WA spirits and WA native ingredients sourcing from the likes of Old Youngs, Haiver, Hoochery and Maalinup Galleries.

Idle Hands is now serving on the AGWA Rooftop Bar!

Spinifex from 4pm, 27 February
Funk Cider from 4.30pm, 6 March
Juniper from 4.30pm, 13 March
Bombak from 4.30pm, 20 March
Nowhereman from 4.30pm, 27 March
Idle Hands from 4.30pm, 3 April

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