Professional Learning | Drawing Breath for Secondary Educators

Professional Learning | Drawing Breath for Secondary Educators

The value of mindfulness in making and responding to works of art.

Are you a secondary school teacher or educator looking at how you can assist your students in navigating their way through making, reflecting, responding, analysing, interpreting and evaluating works of art?

Developed for secondary teachers and those who would like a refresher on Visual Analysis techniques, this workshop will equip you with tools you can directly apply to the responding component of your visual arts teaching and learning programs. Explore mindfulness and a range of responding techniques that you can apply to works in the State Art Collection.

Join our secondary art specialist, Assunta Meleca, as she guides you through this hands-on workshop.

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About Assunta Meleca

Assunta has worked as a Visual Arts educator for over 23 years. Having taught predominantly in secondary schools, in both the Catholic and Independent sectors, she has seen the ever increasing role that the Visual Arts plays in providing a safe place for young people to share their stories and voice their opinions about the world around them. Assunta’s passion to connect young people with art and engage with art educators about meaningful learning experiences has led her to her current role as an Education Specialist in AGWA’s Learning team. Assunta is committed to sharing the value of art as part of the rich experience of life-long learning.

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