WA Unlimited

WA Unlimited

WA Unlimited celebrates Western Australian art across three galleries. Start your visit with a walk through the WA Journey gallery, presenting works from the 1920s to today.

The history of Western Australian art is made up of many different, and often conflicting stories. This display highlights some of these, as it brings together works from 1920 to the present by WA Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. Combined, they demonstrate the shifting approaches to art-making as it intersects with the changing culture, politics and environment that make up this place.

It’s the perfect introduction to WA Now, showcasing a leading WA practising artist. Head here to see which artist's work is currently on display.

WA Craft and Design presents a small selection of works by the State’s leading makers. The work of WA makers reflects their deep connection to this place and responds to the particularities of the environment here. The skilful manipulation of raw material is a way in which craftspeople feel their way into an intimate relationship with the world. The results are poetic, three-dimensional objects that seem to comment on the natural world and be of it.

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