Individual Giving

Be part of a new era at AGWA.

Support bold ideas and exceptional art as AGWA heralds an ambitious new phase of development.

Individual donations are vital in continuing AGWA’s growth and legacy, enriching our community through art, now and for future generations.

No matter how big or small, your gift will make a difference.

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With thanks to

Foundation supporters


Donations of $1,000,000 or more
Dr Ian and the late Susan Bernadt
The Leah Jane Cohen Bequest
Andrew and Nicola Forrest
Government of Western Australia
Dr Jo Lagerberg and Dr Steve Swift
National Australia Bank Limited
John Rodgers
The late Dr Harold Schenberg
Wesfarmers Limited


Donations of $500,000 to $1,000,000

Alcock Family Foundation
Brigitte Braun
The Sir Claude Hotchin Art Foundation
Ben and Helen Korman
The Linton Currie Trust
MM Electrical Merchandising 
John McBride
Simon Lee Foundation
The late Dr Rose Toussaint
The late Barbara and the late Albert Tucker


Donations of $100,000 to $500,000

Richard Bell
Brian Blanchflower
John and Linda Bond
Bob Brighton
Margot Bunning and family
Estate of the late Rachel Mabel Chapman
Dr David Cooke
Lorraine Copley
Rick and Carol Crabb
John and Elaine Cruthers
Sam Dickerson
The late James Fairfax AO
Adrian and Michela Fini
Friends of the Art Gallery of Western Australia
Sandra Galvin
Robert and Lesley Girdwood
Gordon Darling Foundation
The late Evelyn and the late Kemp Hall
Warwick Hemsley AO
Janet Holmes à Court AC
The late Dr Tim Jeffery
Rod and Carol Jones
Patricia Juniper
Robert D Keall
Howard Knight
Otto Kunzli
Elizabeth Malone
The late May Marland
Max Pam and the late Jann Marshall
The late James Mollison AO
Graeme Morgan
John Nixon
Stan Perron Charitable Trust
John Poynton
The late Clifton Pugh AO
Stuart Ringholt
Graeme and Lorraine Rowley
Timothy Roberts
Spirac Pty Ltd
Kerry Stokes AC
Brett and Pieta Taylor
The late Sheila and the late Howard Taylor AM
The late Bonnie Tollafield
The Ungar Family Foundation
Lyn Williams


Donations of $50,000 to $100,000

Agapitos/Wilson Collection
Emily Bartlett
John Brunner
Avril Burn
Sally Burton
Bruce and Charmaine Cameron
Cardaci Family
Wenling Chen
Helen Cook
Virginia Cuppaidge
Brett and Angelina Davies
Rosanna DeCampo and Farooq Khan
Marco D'Orsogna
Robin and Elizabeth Forbes
Georgiou Group Pty Ltd
Gerard Daniels
Sheryl Grimwood
Tony and Sally Howarth
Mandy Juniper
Dr Douglas Kagi
Evan George and Allie Kakulas
Derek Kreckler
J. Barris and Judith Le Pley
Dr Andrew Lu AM and Dr Geoffrey Lancaster AO
Dr Michael Martin and Elizabeth Popovski
McCusker Charitable Foundation
Catriona and Simon Mordant AO
Callum Morton
The Myer Foundation
Susan Norrie
Rio Tinto Limited
Erwin Rohner
The Spinifex Trust
Mitchiko Teshima
Gene Tilbrook
Alan and Marisa Tribe


Donations of $15,000 to $50,000
Michael Abbott QC
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
Trish Ainslie and Roger Garwood
Tony Albert
Alder & Partners - Private Wealth Management
Dario and Susan Amara
Geoff and Dawn Anderson
AngloGold Ashanti Australia Limited
Daniel Archer
Neil Archibald
Monique Atlas and Kim Hawkins
Professor Robert Baines
Hamish and Ngaire Beck
Barbara Blackman
Lin Bloomfield
E.L. (Mick) Bolto
Sue Bolto
Eileen Bond
John and Debbie Borshoff
Craig and Katrina Burton
Busby Family
Olive, Luka and Coco Butcher
Adil Bux
The Michele Canci Foundation
Desi and Marcus Canning
Carcione Family
Tully Carmady and Danielle Davies
Margrete and Michael Chaney AO
Caroline Christie and Sheldon Coxon
Nic Christodoulou
Fiona Clarke (In memory of Mrs Jean Clarke)
Susan Clements
Professor Ian Constable AO
Consulate of Italy, Perth
The late Syd Corser and Danae Corser
Megan and Arthur Criddle
Tim Davies Landscaping
The Hon John Day
Deutscher and Hackett
Sandra Di Bartolomeo
Alan R. Dodge
Marisa D'Orsogna
Stephen Eastaugh
Judy and Trevor Eastwood
EY Chartered Accountants
The Everist Family
Ronald Sydney Farris and Joy Elizabeth Farris
The Feilman Foundation
Susanne Finn
Larry and Peggy Foley
Christine and Winston Foulkes-Taylor
Seva Frangos and John Catlin
Brent Harris
Lyn-Marie Hegarty
Zita Heine and Family
Marie Hobbs
Jim and Freda Irenic
Eric and Louise Isaachsen
Kevin and Jan Jackson
Fiona Kalaf
Katherine Kalaf
The Leederville Hotel
Lennon Family Charitable Fund
Christine J Lewis
James Litis and Desi Litis
The Mack Family
Sandy and Michele MacKellar
Sine MacPherson and Gary Dufour
Robert MacPherson
Michael and Sallie Manford
Lloyd Marchesi
Adrienne Marshall
Diane McCusker
Ken and Merran McGregor
Jacqui McPhee
Merenda Gallery
Dr Stuart Miller
Dan Mossenson
Alan Muller
Brandon and Angela Munro
Dr Fred and Mrs Georgina Nagle
Tony Nathan
Avril S. and Brian J. O'Brien
Stephen and Corinne Onesti
Walter Ong and Graeme Marshall
Maurice O'Riordan
Max Pam and Jann Marshall
Benita Panizza and Michael Prichard
Louise Paramor
Julienne Penny and Family
The Peploe family
Rosalind-Ruth Phelps
Jamie Price and Gillian Gallagher
Simon Price and Saara Nyman
Dr Bronwyn Rasmussen
Angela Roberts
Leigh Robinson and Deborah Gellé
Bryan and Jan Rodgers
Sam Rogers
Daniel and Natalie Romano
Felicity and Tony Ruse
Anthony Russell
Susan and Don Russell
Dr John and Thea Saunders
Linda Savage and Dr Stephen Davis
Anna Schwartz
Jenny and Wyborn Seabrook
Roslyn Seale
Gillian Serisier
Andrew and Judy Shearwood
Gene and Brian Sherman
The late John and Marie-Louise Simpson
Dr Thomas Russell Simpson
Dr Amanda Stafford
Marlene and Graham Stafford
Shirley Stanwix
Brian Stewart
Vivienne Stewart
Richard Stone
Brian Swan
Deborah and Vic Tana
Alexandrea Thompson and Peter Smith
Peter and Jane Thompson
Professor Philip and Margaret Thompson
Ian and Susan Trahar
Laurie Trettel, Swanline Group
Turner Galleries Art Angels
Ray van Kempen and Ann Kosonen
Lynnette Voevodin
David Walker
Sam and Leanne Walsh
Mary Ann Wright
Danny Yap
Anne Zahalka
Ashley Zimpel


Donations of $5,000 to $15,000
Susan Adler
Michael and Josephine Ahern
Robyn Ahern
Aisen Family Trust
Albion Foundation
Julian Ambrose
Julie Athanasoff
Christina Backus
Zelinda Bafile
Lisa Baker MLA, Member for Maylands
Shelley Barker
John Barrett-Lennard
Corinne Barton
Dr Bruce Bellinge
R.G. Bennett
David and Suzanne Biddles
Peter Bird
Tracy Blake
Matthew J C Blampey
Peter and Stella Blaxell
Francis L Bolzan
The late Frank and Margaret Bongers
Elizabeth Borrello
Juliet Borshoff
Michael and Rachael Borshoff
Angela Bowman
Keith Bradbury
Rinze and Jenny Brandsma
Claire Brittain and John McKay
Liesl and Alistair Brogan
Margaret Brophy
Philip Brophy
Karen Brown
Peter and Christine Buck
Janet Burchill
Marilyn Burton
Bruce Callow & Associates Pty Ltd
Fraser Campbell
Helen Carroll Fairhall and Family
Joseph Caruso
Emma and Howard Cearns
Frauke Chambers
The Hon Fred Chaney AO and Mrs Angela Chaney
Jody and Fred Chaney
Charles Nodrum Gallery
Joe Chindarsi and Andrew Patrick
Pasquale Cianfagna and Aneka Manners
Jock Clough
Ian and Rosana Cochrane
Libby Cocks
Professor Catherine Cole
Warren and Linda Coli
Constantine Comino
Silver Crewe Cloud
Susan and Michael Croudace
Dr Digby and Susan Cullen
D'Alessandro Family
Dr Ben Darbyshire
Master Andrew Davies
Beverley Davies
Christina and Tim Davies
Dr and Mrs N.J. Davis
Jo Dawkins
James P De Leo
Kevin Della Bosca
Camillo and Joanne Della Maddalena
Brahma Dharmananda
The Hon Peter and Mrs Benita Dowding
Diana and Paul Downie
Hilaire Dufour
Hollis Dufour
Meredith Dufour
Sherry Duhe and James Telders
Edwin Eames
Bev East
Peter Eggleston
Dane Etheridge and Brooke Fowles
Enzo and June Evangelista
Peter Evans
Jenny and the late Bill Fairweather
Michael J. Fallon
Elaine Featherby
Evi Ferrier
Lisa Fini
Tony Fini Foundation
Fire & Emergency Services Authority
B and K Fischer
David Fleming and Emma Hanrahan
Allan and Lynette Fletcher
Annie and Brett Fogarty
Mark Fraser
Simone Furlong
A. Gaines
Minali Gamage
Leonie and David Garnett
Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont
Claude and Claretta Giorgi
Valerie Glover
Francesca Gnagnarella
William Goddard
John R Goodlad and family
Mark Grant
Nicholas Green
Greenhill Galleries
Alix and Geoffrey Grice
Karen and William Groves
Guardian Resources (Joshua Pitt)
Lloyd and Jan Guthrey
Mack and Evelyn Hall
Sean Hamilton
John Hanley AM
Dorothea Hansen-Knarhoi
Kathy Hardie
Lynne Hargreaves and Andrew Winkley
Mary Harrison Hill and the late Chris Hill
Tracey Harvey
Annie Hawkins
Ragen Haythorpe
Jane Hegarty
Alex Hemsley
Michael Hoad
Julie Hobbs
Marie and Michael Hobbs
John and Linda Hoedemaker
Anne Holt
Sandy and Peter Honey
Alice Hood
Glen Host and Jill Potter
Julie Hoy
John Hughan
Don and Joan Humphreys
Ricardo Idagi
Larry and Nicola Iffla
Di Ingelse and Geoff Paull
Eric and Louise Isaachsen
Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc
The Italian Cultural Institute of Australia
Fiona Johnson
Stewart and Gillian Johnson
Ishbelle Johnstone
Angus and Louise Jones
Ashley and Nina Jones, Gunyulgup Galleries
Jones Day
Joyce Corporation Ltd
Mark and Veronica Jumeaux
Nancy Keegan and Don Voelte
Annie Keeping Hood
Jennie Kennedy
Jeff Kerley
Denis and Valerie Kermode
Mi-Jeong Kim
Edward Kimani
Greg and Nikki King
Rob and Janet Kirkby
Carmen La Cava
Lauder and Howard
Janine Lauder
Elizabeth Le Breton
Ross and Fran Ledger
Briony and Mark Lee
Jody Lennon
Rebecca Lennon
Limnios & Johns Pty Ltd
Ben Lisle
Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd
Gianluca Lufino
Heather Lyons
Tim and Pep Mack
Michele MacKellar
Bea Maddock
Kaaren and Manisha Malcolm
Lesley Maloney
Bettina Mangan
Jan and Bill Manning
Adrienne Marshall
Rowan Marshall
Paul and the late Jenny Martin
David and Linda Martino
The late Dr Anthony McCartney and Jacinta McCartney
Bryant and Tedye McDiven
John McGlue and Sharon Dawson
Amanda McKenna
Kate McMillan
Ian and Jayne Middlemas
Allan Miles
Geraldine Milner
The late Emeritus Professor John Milton-Smith and Mrs Carolyn Milton-Smith
Michael and Judy Monaghan
Milton Moon
Tim and Rose Moore
The Moran family
Charles and Caroline Morgan
Margaret Morison-Leavesley
Geoffrey and Valmae Morris
Jock and Jane Morrison
Colleen Barbara Mortimer
Joanne and Geoff Motteram
Robert and Angie Mule
Nicholas Murfett and Catherine Oliver
Neon Parc
Etsuko Nishi
Robert O'Hare
Norah Ohrt
Giulia Oliveri and Ferdinand Renouard Lariviere
Tricia and Mike Oosterhof
Helen and Barry Osboine
Ron Packer
Mimi and Willy Packer
Angela Padley
Ian and Catriona Parker
K Parker
Susan Pass
Shane Pavlinovich
Georgina Pearce
Todd and Alisa Pearson
John and Anita Percudani
Leon and Moira Pericles
Massimo and Annelle Perotti
Perugino Restaurant
Ersilia Picchi
Bob Poolman
Rosemary Pratt
The Hon C. J. L. Pullin QC and Mrs S Pullin
Mark and Ingrid Puzey
Raine & Horne Commercial
Marijana Ravlich
Howard and Lindsey Read
Ricciardi Seafood & Coldstores
Joe and Grace Ricciardo
Elizabeth Richards
Ross and Alexandra Robertson
John and Yvonne Roston
Maurice Rousset OAM and Gerry Rousset
Caterina Rowell
Jann Rowley
John Rubino
Sue and Hans Sauer
Sally and Vincenzo Savini
John and Debbie Schaffer
Scoop Publishing
Robyn and Peter Scott
Celia Searle
Annette Seeman
Asher and the late Fraida Shapiro
J & J Shervington
Daniela Simon, SODAA
Patricia Simpson
Cecily Skrudland
Darryl and Heather Smalley
Senator Dean Smith
Helen Smith
Jan Spriggs and Perry Sandow
Kathryn Stafford
Kate and Chris Stannage
Lina Stowe
Paul and Carla Sullivan
The Sullivan Family
Gloria Sutherland
Nino Tarulli
John and Antoinette Tate
Natasha and Ross Taylor
Lisa and Andrew Telford
Rodney and Sandra Thelander
Clare Thompson
Rodney and Penelope Thompson
Debbie Thornton
Jennifer Thornton
Frank Tomasi
Anthony Torresan
John Trettel, Swanline Group
Gemma Tually
Dr Simon and Mrs Alison Turner
Peter Tyndall
Dave and Patty van der Walt
Elizabeth and Max Vinnicombe
Patsy Vizents
Colin Walker
Mark Walker
Joshua James Walters
Stuart Walters
Patti Warashina
Diana and the late Bill Warnock
The late Kevin and Susan Watson
Wembley Gallery
Donna White
Terri-ann White
Ian and Jean Williams
Ron and Sandra Wise
Mark and Sally Woffenden
David Worth
Brigid Woss
Marie and Geoff Wotzko
Yacht Grot
Melvin Yeo
Simon and Gillian Youngleson
Clifford and Gillian Yudelman
Carlos Zerpa
The late Dr Dolph W. Zink AM and Mrs Zink
Anonymous donors

Annual supporters 

Lead Gifts $100,000+

MM Electrical Merchandising
Simon Lee Foundation


Annual Giving $50,000+

Linda and John Bond
Michela and Adrian Fini OAM
Janet Holmes à Court AC
Graeme and Lorraine Rowley

Annual Giving $20,000+

Australia-Korea Foundation
Gordon Darling Foundation
The Spinifex Trust
Stan Perron Charitable Foundation
Danny Yap
Anonymous donors

Annual Giving $10,000+

Bruce and Charmaine Cameron
Cardaci Family
The Mack Family
Dr Thomas Russell Simpson
The Ungar Family Foundation
Anonymous donors

Annual Giving $5,000+

Mario D'Orazio
Warwick Hemsley AO
Humich Family
Eric and Louise Isaachsen
James Litis
Adrienne and Barry Marshall 
Paula Rogers and Phil Thick
sweet pea arts
Gene Tilbrook and Anne Seghezzi
Anonymous donor

Annual Giving $2,000+

Celtic Capital Foundation
Megan and Arthur Criddle
Branden and Julia Dekenah
Kevin Della Bosca
Beverley East
Susanne Finn
The Michele Canci Foundation
Sarah D'Onofrio and John Palermo
John and Janet Hughan
Jim and Freda Irenic
Lauren and Chris Lind
Rosalind-Ruth Phelps
Felicity and Tony Ruse
Robyn and Peter Scott
Richard Stone and Meleta Jones
Sherry Duhe and James Telders
Philip and Margaret Thompson
Peter and Stephanie Wainberg
Wembley Gallery
Anonymous donors

Annual Giving $1,000

Julie Athanasoff
Zelinda Bafile
Peter Bird
Helen Carroll Fairhall and Family
Tracie Cielak
Rick Crabb
Beverley Davies
Stephen Dennis
Marisa D'Orsogna
J Fairweather
David Fleming and Emma Hanrahan
Valerie Glover
Robert Grieve
Julie Hobbs
Ed Kimani
Rob and Janet Kirkby
Briony and Mark Lee
Walter Ong and Graeme Marshall
Allan Miles and Steven Shadwell
Dr Stuart Miller
Fred and Georgina Nagle
Mark and Fiona Newman
Zamia Pedro
Leigh Robinson and Deborah Gellé
Bryan and Jan Rodgers
Senator Dean Smith
Natasha Taylor
Debbie Thornton
Rebecca and David Tomkinson
Andrew and Natalie Walker
Colin Walker
Michael and Monica Wertheim
Marie and Geoff Wotzko
Anonymous donors

Next Collective supporters

Logan Jon Adamson
Julia Armstrong
Anna-Lucinda Baxter
Minali Gamage
Francesca Gnagnarella
Alex Hemsley
Kristine Hodgson
Edward Kimani
Annabelle Lovegrove
Phoebe Lovegrove
Teresa Maria
Rowan Marshall
Kauri Minhinnick
Giulia Oliveri
Olena Nelson
K Parker
Zamia Pedro
Katie Porter
Jenny Potts Barr
Caterina Rowell
Amy Rumble
Natalie Rumble
Bec Sim
Mariana Simeon
Lyn-Lee Teh
Martina Ucnikova
T Vujic
Joshua J Walters
Stuart S Walters
Anonymous donors

AGWA Bequest Circle 

Dr Eugenie Bell
Brigitte Braun
Margot Bunning and family
Paul Chamberlain
Estate of the late Rachel Mabel Chapman
The Leah Jane Cohen Bequest
Brett and Angelina Davies
Estate of the late Margaret Campbell Dawbarn
The late David Englander
The Estate of Barbara and Margaret Evans
Ella Fry Foundation
Sheila Ann Fuller
Barbara Harper-Nelson
The late Graeme A Herps
The Sir Claude Hotchin Art Foundation
The Estate of Margaret Hutchinson
Rob Kosovich
The Linton Currie Trust
Bryan and Jan Rodgers
Roslyn Seale
Shirley Stanwix
The late Bonnie Tollafield
Anonymous donors
On Saturday 27 August, the Gallery is open 10am-3pm only as we prepare for the AGWA Foundation Gala supporting women in the arts. Some exhibition access will be disrupted with two Tracks We Share ground floor galleries closed. AGWA Rooftop bar will be closed, reopening at 2pm Sunday. Details