Children and Families

We warmly welcome children and families to visit AGWA and explore the exhibitions and collections together.

Our art trails, children’s labels, family tours, artist-led workshops and community events support young visitors to engage deeply with works of art and share their unique perspectives.

Ways of looking at art with your children.

  1. Ask open-ended questions.
  2. Trust your own responses, and be interested in theirs.
  3. Take a breath, and then notice how you feel. 
  4. Talk about not knowing all the answers.
  5. Share which works you like the most, and why.
  6. Look closely at the details.
  7. Choose the work you like the least.
  8. Spend a very long time looking at one work.
  9. Draw something inspired by a work of art you love.
  10. Find a work that reminds you of something or someone you love.
School Holidays

School Holidays

During the July school holidays we make available a range of art activities for your school-age children to participate in. 

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Imagination Room

The Imagination Room

The place to explore and discuss AGWA’s lively programs.

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Artbubs event


Parents with bubs get together for a mid-week art outing.

ArtBubs is an opportunity to tour the Gallery with one of AGWA's Guru Guides, followed by coffee, cake and conversation in the Imagination Room. Prams/baby carriers and babies up to one-year-old welcome! Baby change facilities available.