Drawing Breath

Drawing Breath is a new creative learning approach at AGWA, harnessing MINDFULNESS to enhance looking at, and responding to works of art.

Visual Analysis workshops are an important part of the programming we deliver to High School students at AGWA, supporting the development of skills in reflecting, analysing, interpreting and evaluating works of art. Of equal importance though, is the opportunity the workshops provide for students and teachers to pause and truly experience a work of art, taking the time to notice how looking at art can connect us to a richer sense of self, and to the wider world around us. The quieter and more still we become, the more we are able to hear, feel and truly see a work of art.

Download the Drawing Breath Visual Response Journal

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BOOK a Drawing Breath workshop with Artist/Educator Lilly Blue educate@artgallery.wa.gov.au


Drawing Breath is proudly supported by Healthway Act-Belong-Commit