At the Art Gallery of Western Australia we are dedicated to providing diverse and accessible programming for all ages. Our workshops, tours and professional development opportunities provide access to the State Art Collection and offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities for 21st Century Learners.

Genuine creativity, emotional intelligence and critical thinking are becoming increasingly required skills for The Future of Jobs. At AGWA we are engaged in ongoing research, consultation, and the development of new pedagogies that prioritise critical inquiry, imagination and personal reflection.

Below you will find information about MAKING and RESPONDING excursions and Professional Development opportunities at AGWA.

Related Information

Your Visit

The Gallery has various security and conservation protocols in place to safeguard the works on display. See below to learn about protecting your State Art Collection during your visit.

Guidelines for Sketching and Note-Taking

Making the Most of Your Visit

Risks and Responsibility

The Gallery buildings and service provision conforms to all safety and building code standards offering a safe environment for group visits. Security guards are present in all public and Gallery spaces. In the event of an emergency they provide first aid assistance and coordinate building evacuation. In the interest of the security of the works on display and general comfort of all visitors, a general code of behaviour is expected.

Excursion Policy

Certificate of Currency

Supervising Adults

Supervising adults must accompany the students throughout their visit to actively monitor student behaviour. It is the teacher's responsibility to oversee the general behaviour and to intervene when necessary.


Parking is available for buses and coaches on Beaufort Street, adjacent to the James Street Mall. Find out more about the Gallery's location and accessibility.


Grassed areas for lunch are sited in the James Street Mall and near the main entrance to the Art Gallery.

Wheelchairs and Mobility

The Art Gallery of WA is in possession of one automated and one manual wheelchair, one walking frame and a child's stroller.  These are loaned and provided free of charge to assist groups moving around the Gallery.  Bookings are essential.