Luminous: Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017

Luminous: Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017

Our annual showcase of contemporary Australian glass. 

Glass is one of the most exciting and dynamic art forms in this country. It is a uniquely captivating medium, capable of almost endless transformation. Glass provides a perfect vehicle for the exploration of a range of themes, from the personal to the observational, and Australian makers are some of the world leaders in the medium.

Now in its fifteenth year, the Tom Malone Prize is a highly respected and eagerly anticipated event for contemporary Australian glass artists.

An acquisitive prize, each year’s winning entry becomes a part of the State Art Collection. Since its inception, it has facilitated the entry of significant glass works by winners Gabriella Bisetto, Nick Mount, Jessica Loughlin, Clare Belfrage, Benjamin Sewell, Kevin Gordon, Charles Butcher, Cobi Cockburn, Deirdre Feeney, Brian Corr, Tom Moore and Mel Douglas into the State Art Collection.

The Tom Malone Prize 2017 brings together many of Australia's best glass artists. Featuring this year's 10 short-listed artists: Marc Leib, Jamie Worsley, Kevin Gordon, Blanche Tilden, Lisa Cahill, Brenden Scott French, Richard Whiteley, Tom Moore, Silvana Ferrario and Jenni Kamarre Martiniello.

The exhibition includes this year’s shortlist, including the winner, and the works from all past winners of the Prize.

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Marc Leib Inner Core 2016.


The winner of this year's prestigious Tom Malone Prize is Marc Leib from Perth, for his work Inner core 2016.

In Marc's words: “I was inspired by the Japanese concept Ikigai, ‘a reason for being’. This requires a multitude of complex thoughts, delving into your own psyche, culminating in the realisation of your Ikigai."

Judges’ comments: We congratulate Perth-based glass artist Marc Leib for his wonderfully accomplished work Inner core. A quiet work, at first glance it even seems to hide its riches. As you move closer though the piece comes alive in unexpected ways. The full form is activated by a milky, cellular-like, opaque feel enlivened by translucent highlights that give it a highly complex and animated aspect, and an almost unaccountable lightness. Marc achieves this result by ambitiously pushing traditional “murrina” cane-making and kiln-forming techniques to new ends. He makes a mould based form that far exceeds its typical small size creating an object that would usually be attained by blowing. In this way, he preserves the compression and density of the pattern. The final result is a haunting, very Australian object that is a fitting work of glass to mark and to celebrate the 15th year of the Tom Malone Prize.

Alan R. Dodge, Elizabeth Malone, Stefano Carboni, Robert Cook


The Tom Malone Prize is one of the Gallery’s most treasured projects and definitely one of my personal favourites. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been our key mode of engagement with the inspiring makers that comprise the glass community of Australia. Through the shortlisting process, we keep abreast of the developments in the field, and I am always impressed by the creativity and commitment I see among Australian glass artists.

Dr Stefano Carboni
AGWA Director

Luminous: Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017 catalogue cover


Contemporary Australian Glass – The Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017

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