Tyrown Waigana | Overgrown

Tyrown Waigana | Overgrown

AGWA's new foyer mural wall is unveiled, showcasing an abstract work by an emerging Noongar and Torres Strait Islander artist.

Through his surreal concepts and abstract painting, Wardandi and Saibai Islander multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer Tyrown Waigana probes themes like identity, feelings, politics and art history.

Waigana’s work, Overgrown, welcomes AGWA’s visitors, taking up pride of place on the Gallery’s new mural wall upon entrance through the revamped foyer. It references the tendency of “high art” and “high culture” to strive for unstoppable growth—and the idea of new things covering old things or old things becoming new things.

Waigana explores storytelling through illustration and animation under his brand Crawlin Crocodile. He won the 2020 National NAIDOC poster competition and was named the 2020 NAIDOC artist of the year.

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The mural is really expressive. I like to blur the line between form and figure, where you don’t really know where things start and end.

Tyrown Waigana
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On Saturday 27 August, the Gallery is open 10am-3pm only as we prepare for the AGWA Foundation Gala supporting women in the arts. Some exhibition access will be disrupted with two Tracks We Share ground floor galleries closed. AGWA Rooftop bar will be closed, reopening at 2pm Sunday. Details