Conditions of reproduction

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  1. The Applicant agrees at all times after the granting by the Director of his permission as aforesaid to indemnify and keep indemnified the Art Gallery of Western Australia against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses in respect of such reproduction or the publication thereof or any caption or letterpress published in connection therewith in the event of its ever being alleged that such reproduction or publication was     an infringement of copyright or was defamatory of any person.
  2. Permission to reproduce from the photographic material supplied is dependent upon the full acceptance of the conditions listed below and will be cancelled automatically if any conditions are infringed.
  3. Copyright is the responsibility of the Applicant.  If the Art Gallery of Western Australia does not hold copyright the applicant will be asked to provide a licence or written permission to reproduce from the copyright holder prior to the supply of photographic material.
  4. The image/s must be reproduced without cropping, bleeding, alteration or overprint of any kind. A colour proof must be submitted for colour reproductions on book jackets, posters, cards, calendars and other commercial product.  A colour proof may be requested for general illustrations in some instances.
  5. Image and copyright captions must be used without any alteration or abbreviation whatsoever and appear in association with the image.  It is the publisher’s responsibility to acknowledge the artist and their work correctly in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act’s Moral Rights.  If a detail of the image is used, the word ‘detail’ must appear in parenthesis after the title and date of the artwork. 
  6. Acknowledgment of the Art Gallery of Western Australia as owner must be included with all reproduction and the following credit line used: State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  7. The Gallery only allows reproductions from its own photographic material to ensure highest quality control. Prints are sold and postage and packing is charged to the client. Courier fees are at the expense of the applicant and all international orders are sent via FedEx.
  8. Digital files are available for a digital image supply fee of $120 per artwork image and must not be stored after use. Images must not be used for any other purpose.
  9. The Gallery reserves the right to refuse to supply material or to withdraw approval, where the context of the reproduction is deemed to be unsuitable, inappropriate or contrary to the artist or Gallery interest.
  10. One complimentary copy of the publication is required for Gallery records.  This should be sent to the Registration Department when available.
  11. No repeat editions or re-runs are authorised. Any re-run or second edition requires a further application.
  12. The supply of digital image files from the Gallery does not confer the rights to store or reproduce them or make them available to the public in any medium or form except for the reproduction or communication rights stipulated on the Licence to Reproduce.  Nor does the supply of photographic material imply the availability of these rights.
  13. Please allow at least eight weeks prior to your publication deadline for placing your order. Last minute cancellations will incur charges.
  14. Consideration is given to authors responsible for illustration costs of scholarly art publications though the Principal must sign the application form and provide the copies of the publication required.