Primary Schools

In 2018 The World Economic Forum released a paper called The Future of Jobs, revealing a projection that Creativity will be the 3rd most vital capacity in the workforce by 2020.

We understand the importance of experimentation, curiosity and unbridled play as central to creative practice, and design spaces where children can become comfortable with open-ended imaginative processes. Our Guided Tours and Workshops provide interactive opportunities for participants to develop emotional agility, embodied sensitivity and critical thinking in both making and responding to works of art.

See below for Guided Tours and Studio Workshops available for Primary School students.

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Primary Guided Tours: Responding

Join our Gallery Guides for a journey through Historical, Modern, Contemporary, WA Unlimited (Western Australian artists), 6 Seasons (Aboriginal), or see our current exhibition schedule. Explore Guided Tour themes below, and add a studio workshop to enhance the experience by giving students an opportunity to create their own works of art.

Ways of Wondering
Share unique ideas, ask curly questions, notice emotions and imagine stories. Learn to identify basic elements and principles in response to works of art in the AGWA State Collection and Exhibitions.

Shaping feeling
Explore the emotional range of artists in abstract and figurative works, as well as the ways line, shape, colour and texture are used to evoke a wide range of feelings. 

Lines of thought
Consider how artists use the elements and principles of art to convey meaning. Share feelings, thoughts, questions and ideas in response to works on art in the State Collection.

Sculpting Space
Explore 3 dimensional forms and the ways artists sculpt materials to impact space, create texture and play with balance.

Worth 1000 Words
Discover the ways stories are told through visual narratives and respond to works of art by interpreting imagery from a personal perspective.

Australian Identity
Discover iconic imagery and Australian works of art from historical, Aboriginal and Contemporary State Art Collections that have helped shape our cultural identity.

Aboriginal Art
Explore the richness and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander works of art in the State Collection. Understand contemporary and traditional practices of Aboriginal artists and the connections between imagery, stories and culture.

Develop an understanding of British colonisation and its impact through examining works of art from the State Art Collection. Explore how Historical works of art and techniques continue to have value and relevance in a contemporary world. 

Primary Studio Workshops - Making

Unlocking Imagination
A playful exploration of creativity and imagination through music, movement and visual art. Unlocking Imagination is a studio workshop where children are encouraged to play and experiment by emphasising process and experience, over product. These artist-led workshops provide opportunities for students to learn the capacities required for authentic creativity as opposed to creating step by step artworks with known outcomes. Skills like deep listening, trust, risk-taking, empathy, connection and collaboration are at play in these sessions. The workshops are made up of responsive experiments, activities and art games that give children an opportunity to make creative choices and learn to trust their unique way of responding to art, each other, and the world.

Drawing Breath
Drawing games and art experiments harnessing MINDFULNESS as a way of making and responding to works of art. These workshops are multidisciplinary and interactive utilising music, movement and relaxation as an entry point to making personal and reflective works of art. Best for groups of not more than 15.

Experimental Drawing
A wildly experimental workshop where students explore unusual and unexpected ways of drawing. Opportunities to play with new materials, design mark making implements and perform collaborative live works of drawing.  

Me, Myself and I
An exploration of self-portraiture emphasising experimentation and unusual ways of expressing identity and character. Students will explore the ways that personality and narrative can be communicated through realistic, abstract or symbolic portraits using a diverse range of techniques and styles.