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We are dedicated to providing senior students with opportunities to develop critical thinking, visual literacies and personal perspectives with the understanding the creativity is a vital capacity across fields. Our Guided Tours and Workshops provide interactive opportunities for participants to develop emotional agility, embodied sensitivity and critical thinking in both making and responding to works of art.

I liked being able to share my personal perspectives on works of art and I was surprised at how much I learned about issues that are important to me.
Yr 10 student

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Secondary Guided Tours: Responding

Join our Gallery Guides for a journey through the State Art Collection, or see our current exhibition schedule. Explore Guided Tour themes below, and add a studio workshop to enhance the experience by giving students an opportunity to create their own works of art.

Critical Thinking
A focus on the elements of art and how the artist employs them to create meaning and feelings. This differs from Commentary as the focus is very much on the techniques, the style of the work which encourages using artistic language to express critical thinking about ideas and emotional responses to the work. It looks at genres of art: landscape, still life, historical, modern and contemporary.

Art can be an expression of identity. This inquiry looks at portraits and other genres in relation to ideas of Gender, multi-culturalism in Australia and Australian Identity.

Art reflects ideas and events in society over time and change in those ideas, e.g. political, social, religious, colonial, feminist, Marxist, LGBTQI and psychoanalyatics. Discover how art reflects ideas in society. This tour connects to the Commentaries studied by Year 11 and 12 students.

Reading Art
Find the narrative in a variety of art works from the State Art Collection by considering How, What, When, Where and Why.

Shared Stories: Indigenous Works from the Collection
This tour looks at different styles and materials, Dreaming stories, and connection to country of traditional Australian Aboriginal art and art of the Torres Strait. It also includes examines contemporary Indigenous social and political statements.

The land is an enduring part of our psyche. Understand how the Australian landscape has impacted on the work of so many artists and to our own understanding of being Australian.

Contemporary Art
What defines art now? Contemporary art is global, culturally diverse, technological and multifaceted. Contemporary artists use a wide range of media to reflect and comment on society and current issues. This tour examines art works in the Collection and invites students to make interpretations based on both a global perspective and their own personal viewpoint.

Secondary Visual Analysis -  Responding

If you are visiting the Gallery with Secondary students make sure to ask the front desk for Drawing breath journals free for every student as long as they last!

Visual Analysis 15 participants max.
This interactive workshop for secondary visual arts students focuses on visual literacy and interpretation using visual analysis frameworks. Join an Artist Educator for an in-depth exploration of works of art from the State Art Collection and special exhibitions.

Visual Analysis - Drawing Breath
Drawing Breath is a new creative learning approach at AGWA, harnessing MINDFULNESS to enhance creating, looking at, and responding to works of art.

Visual Analysis workshops are an important part of the programming we deliver to High School students at AGWA, supporting the development of skills in reflecting, analysing, interpreting and evaluating works of art. Of equal importance though, is the opportunity the workshops provide for students and teachers to pause and truly experience a work of art, taking the time to notice how looking at art can connect us to a richer sense of self, and to the wider world around us. The quieter and more still we become, the more we are able to hear, feel and truly see a work of art.


Secondary Workshops - Making

Drawing Breath
A contemplative drawing workshop utilising meditative techniques and mindfulness practices to generate a sense of calm, and access subconscious ideas. This workshop helps students develop a deeper sense of attention, focus and presence by stimulating all the senses and learning breathing practices.

Unlocking Imagination
A playful exploration of creativity and imagination through music, movement and visual art. Unlocking Imagination is a studio workshop where students are encouraged to experiment and take risks by emphasising process and experience, over product. These artist led workshops provide opportunities for students to learn capacities required for authentic creativity as opposed to creating step by step artworks with known outcomes. Skills like deep listening, trust, risk-taking, empathy, connection and collaboration are at play in these sessions. The workshops are made up of responsive experiments, activities and art games that give students an opportunity to make creative choices and learn to trust their unique way of responding to art, each other, and the world.

Experimental Drawing
A wildly experimental workshop where students explore unusual and unexpected ways of drawing. Opportunities to play with new materials, design mark making implements and perform collaborative live works of drawing.  

Ways of Seeing
An investigation of a particular artist’s perspective, themes and techniques followed by the creation of a work of art in response to their unique way of seeing.

Sense of Self
An exploration of self-portraiture emphasising experimentation and unusual ways of expressing identity and character. Students will explore the ways that personality and narrative can be communicated through realistic, abstract or symbolic portraits using a diverse range of techniques and styles.


Professional Development *groups of 10 or more.

Arts Ignition Laboratory
A full day experiential workshop to investigate ways of bringing creativity and arts practice into classrooms to meet curriculum outcomes in imaginative ways. Teachers can bring in current themes and areas of study to workshop and develop new ways of engaging students through the arts. Schools can also bring in a more global shared concern or interest to explore ways of problem-solving or designing new pathways towards desired outcomes.

Unlocking Imagination
Unlocking Imagination is a Professional Development workshop in which teachers are supported to engage with creative strategies that emphasise process and experience, over product. This artist led workshop provides a unique opportunity for teachers to experiment with ways of nourishing the capacities required for authentic creativity, as opposed to creating step by step artworks with known outcomes. Skills like deep listening, trust, risk-taking, empathy, connection and collaboration are at play in these sessions. The workshops are made up of responsive experiments, activities and art games that give educators a versatile toolkit for bringing creativity into their classrooms.

Drawing Breath
A meditative drawing workshop that utilises MINDFULNESS as a way for teachers to relax, connect and replenish. Mindfulness is a valuable tool for educators interested in deeply investigating their pedagogies and creating genuine calm in their learning environments. Teachers will take away a Tool Kit of creative practices to support their own wellbeing as well as strategies for creating positive and open-ended learning environments.


Pulse Perspectives 

Pulse Perspectives is an annual exhibition, judged by an expert panel, showcasing the work of Year 12 students who graduated the previous year.

More about Pulse Perspectives

On Saturday 27 August, the Gallery is open 10am-3pm only as we prepare for the AGWA Foundation Gala supporting women in the arts. Some exhibition access will be disrupted with two Tracks We Share ground floor galleries closed. AGWA Rooftop bar will be closed, reopening at 2pm Sunday. Details