100 Keyboards - Lead Artist Asuna

100 Keyboards - Lead Artist Asuna

Sold out in Sydney and Melbourne – one performance only in Perth!

Created by pioneering Japanese sound artist Asuna, 100 Keyboards is a captivating site-specific listening experience, a strange but beautiful accompaniment to the Beyond Bling! exhibition. For a truly one-of-a-kind performance and site-specific listening experience in the AGWA concourse.

One hundred routine plastic keyboards arranged like a giant jewelry piece play the same key, generating an undulating sonic harmony both mesmerizing and mysterious. Sound waves on the same frequency multiply and bounce off in myriad directions, creating a complex sonic field of interference and reverberation that swells and changes over time.

Please note

This is an unreserved standing-room only event.
For accessibility queries please see our Accessibility Page.

Presented by AGWA Culture Juice, The SUBSTATION, Performance Space, Asialink, hellosQuare & SymbioticA (in association with Tura New Music) as part of Unhallowed Arts.


Bookings essential


$30+bf includes access to the Beyond Bling! and Biomess exhibitions after hours in an atmospheric setting