100 Keyboards – Lead Artist Asuna

100 Keyboards – Lead Artist Asuna

Sold out in Sydney and Melbourne – one performance only in Perth! 

Created by pioneering Japanese sound artist Asuna, 100 Keyboards is a captivating site-specific listening experience, a strange but beautiful accompaniment to the Beyond Bling! exhibition. For a truly one-of-a-kind performance and site-specific listening experience in the AGWA concourse.

One hundred routine plastic keyboards arranged like a giant jewelry piece play the same key, generating an undulating sonic harmony both mesmerizing and mysterious. Sound waves on the same frequency multiply and bounce off in myriad directions, creating a complex sonic field of interference and reverberation that swells and changes over time.

Presented by AGWA Culture Juice, The SUBSTATION, Performance Space, Asialink, hellosQuare & SymbioticA (in association with Tura New Music) as part of Unhallowed Arts.

Includes access to the Beyond Bling! and Biomess exhibitions after hours in an atmospheric setting.
This is an unreserved standing-room only event.
For accessibility queries please see our Accessibility Page.


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