Artist Talk | WA Now – Eveline Kotai

Artist Talk | WA Now – Eveline Kotai

Hear from artist Eveline Kotai for an insight into her artistic practice and her WA Now – Breathing Pattern exhibition. 

Eveline Kotai was born in 1950 and lives in Fremantle, Western Australia. She is a member of the Art Collective WA. While Eveline has used a variety of media during the course of her 40-year art practice, over the past 16 years she has concentrated on the theme of material dissolution and regeneration.

Eveline’s unique technique of cutting up and reworking paintings into new compositions echoes a world in constant transition. Not only do her methods provide a constant source for new beginnings, but the action of cutting and stitching canvasses have become an important meditative practice that is reflected in her final pieces. Works that may previously have been representational are sequentially dismantled so that the remodelled ‘palette’ becomes the impetus for new directions.

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