Artist Talk | WA Now – Tom Mùller

Artist Talk | WA Now – Tom Mùller

Hear from artist Tom Mùller for an insight into his artistic practice and WA Now – MONOLITH SCORES exhibition.

Multi-disciplinary WA artist Tom Mùller will present objects, interventions and a staged performance exploring historical, alchemic and anthropocentric connections to the present as part of his WA Now exhibition.

About Tom Mùller
Born 1975, Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works Fremantle, Western Australia
In a number of senses Tom Mùller is a big picture artist. Globalisation, the environment, space and time all fascinate him. He seems to prefer vast data sets, expansive geographies, sweeping timeframes and sequences of history. And yet, at the same time, Mùller is attentive to fine detail, to the specificities of things local, to the poetry of small, momentary and fleeting things that resonate. His work is rich in ironic and sometimes humorous insights into how we grasp and assimilate knowledge and about the dazzlingly complex systems we inhabit. Even as we calculate the chances of eventual worldwide calamity, Mùller's thought-provoking practice offers vantage points from which to imagine optimistically better futures. His diagrams and graphs create rhythms in the chaos and suggest the emergence of other worlds and alternate horizons. Read more about the artist

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