Building Impermanence with artist Eveline Kotai

Building Impermanence with artist Eveline Kotai

Join us for a relaxed evening of participatory practice and endless possibilities with artist Eveline Kotai and Head of Learning and Creativity Research, Lilly Blue.

Hear about the evolution of interactive exhibition Looking Out/Back/In and the importance of time, space and depth in artist practice and community engagement.

Creatives, educators, designers, architects, and engineers may be particularly interested in the opportunity to apply slow-design principles and pedagogies in an experimental space, working with a limited palette to create unique impermanent sculptures. All levels of experience are welcome!

Ticket includes a glass of wine and bite to eat. You’re welcome to visit the AGWA Rooftop Bar after the event. You will need to show your proof of vaccination.

Looking Out/Back/In is an invitation to pause, explore and observe the gradual progress that takes place when passing from one thing to another — or one place to another — reminding us that all things are in a state of flux and impacted by the passing of time. By participating, visitors become collaborators in an open-ended artwork where stages are allowed to progress and evolve and where each slow step is informed by the last.

Innovative use of acoustic material allows audiences to build sculptural forms that grow and ebb across the day, taking on new shapes and roles as individual imaginations leap, collaborate, and sometime collide.

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Instruments for visual symphonies are made available, along with the right conditions for the imagination to flow into various forms of inventiveness – from simple individual ensembles to full orchestras of colour and form.
Eveline Kotai
On Saturday 27 August, the Gallery is open 10am-3pm only as we prepare for the AGWA Foundation Gala supporting women in the arts. Some exhibition access will be disrupted with two Tracks We Share ground floor galleries closed. AGWA Rooftop bar will be closed, reopening at 2pm Sunday. Details