Celebrating the Tracks We Share

Celebrating the Tracks We Share

A three-day celebration of the art of the Pilbara.

Join us as we welcome Pilbara artists and art centres to AGWA for a three-day program of talks, tours, sharing, and workshops to celebrate the final weeks of the expansive Tracks We Share: Contemporary Art of the Pilbara exhibition.

Tracks We Share: Contemporary Art of the Pilbara brings together more than 70 artists and over 190 artworks. This extraordinary body of work features the most exciting contemporary art coming out of the region while paying homage to the legacy that has informed it, offering a rare and broad-reaching insight into the region’s artistic output over the years.

The exhibition closes on Sunday 28 August, so join us on 19-21 August for an unmissable celebration of Pilbara culture with artist talks, tours and art demonstrations.

Please note: activities and times subject to change.

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Friday 19, Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 August 2022



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Participating Art Centres

Cheeditha Art Group
Cheeditha is a small Aboriginal community not far from Yirramagardu (Ieramugadu, Roebourne) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It was established in the 1970s by a group of Elders who camped in the old woolshed buildings of Mt Welcome Station, just south of Roebourne. In 1985, with the assistance of the Western Australian Government, houses were built and the community has grown to around 60 people.

Juluwarlu Art Group
Juluwarlu Art Group is part of Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal-owned organisation dedicated to preserving, recording, and promoting the culture of Yindjibarndi people. Based in Roebourne, Juluwarlu provides significant support and services to artists of all ages, enabling them to develop skills, share their artworks and stories, and earn an income through the expression and maintenance of their culture.

Martumili Artists
Martumili Artists was established by Martu people in 2006. Based in Parnpajinya’s (Newman’s) East Pilbara Arts Centre, the art centre supports artists in the remote communities of Kunawarritji, Punmu, Parnnguyrr, Jigalong, Warralong, and Irrungadji, as well as Newman. The artists and their families are the traditional custodians of vast stretches of the Great Sandy, Little Sandy and Gibson Deserts, as well as the Karlamilyi (Rudall River) area.

Spinifex Hill Studio
Spinifex Hill Studio stands on Kariyarra Country in South Hedland and is home to one of the most recently-formed Aboriginal art collectives in the north-west of Australia, Spinifex Hill Artists. Presenting contemporary art which covers a breadth of styles, the Studio has always attracted and worked with artists from many different languages groups, including Kariyarra, Nyamal, Banyjima, Nyiyaparli, Yindjibarndi, Noongar, Ngarla, Manyjilyjarra, Warnman, Kartujarra, and Nyangumarta.

Yinjaa-Barni Art
Yinjaa-Barni artists began painting at Roebourne’s Pilbara Aboriginal Church in 2004, before moving to the heritage-listed Dalgety House on the banks of the Harding River where they are still based. The art centre is nationally renowned for its artists’ intricately-patterned aesthetic, which celebrates the breathtaking natural beauty of Yindjibarndi Country.

Helpful Hints

The Gallery will be open from 10am-5pm
Tracks We Share: Contemporary Art of the Pilbara will be open from 10am with last entry at 4.45pm
Admission to the Gallery is free however, donations are always welcomed
Leave your large bags and coats at the cloakroom
No food or drink is allowed in the exhibition galleries
Photography with handheld devices for personal use is welcome (no tripods, selfie sticks or flashes)
Take a train or bus to the Gallery, click here for more information.

Artwork credits
Wendy Hubert Thalarut Pool, Pannawonica 2021. Acrylic on watercolour paper, 760 x 570mm. Image courtesy of Wendy Hubert (Juluwarlu Art Group).
Allery Sandy Marni 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 1160 x 1790mm. Image courtesy of Allery Sandy (Yinjaa-Barni Art).
Jatarr Lily Long and Wurta Amy French Karlamilyi (Rudall River area) 2010. Acrylic on linen, 3000 x 5000mm. Image courtesy of Jatarr Lily Long and Wurta Amy French (Martumili Artists).
Wayne Stevens Nhurnda Gundu (Corroboree Mask) 2021. Acrylic painted wooden mask, 430 x 230mm. Image courtesy of Wayne Stevens (Juluwarlu Art Group).
Martumili Artists Kintyre 2020 - 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 5000 x 3000mm. Image courtesy of Martumili Artists.
Nyangulya Katie Nalgood Serious White Cockatoo 2020. Acrylic on canvas, 610 x 610mm. Image courtesy of Nyangulya Katie Nalgood (Spinifex Hill Studio).
Jane Cheedy Ngarluwanyji (Native Water Chestnuts) 2021. Etching on scratchboard, 406 x 508mm. Image courtesy of Jane Cheedy (Juluwarlu Art Group).
Alice Guiness Burndud Ground 2021. Acrylic on watercolour paper, 1070 x 1070mm. Image courtesy of Alice Guiness (Juluwarlu Art Group).
On Saturday 27 August, the Gallery is open 10am-3pm only as we prepare for the AGWA Foundation Gala supporting women in the arts. Some exhibition access will be disrupted with two Tracks We Share ground floor galleries closed. AGWA Rooftop bar will be closed, reopening at 2pm Sunday. Details