Life Drawing inspired by Lucian Freud

Life Drawing inspired by Lucian Freud

Join Dunja Rmandić, AGWA Associate Curator Projects, to discuss Lucian Freud's work Naked man with rat, and a series of newly acquired photographs by his daughter Rose Boyt, providing an intimate window into the studio during Freud’s painting process.

Followed by an assisted life drawing class where artist Aneta Wnek will provide drawing techniques, support processes of seeing and interpretation, and encourage your creative practice.

Adults with all levels of experience are welcome.
A male life-model will be present for the drawing class.
Ticket includes a glass of wine and bite to eat.


In the studio: Rose Boyt and Lucian Freud

Elusive and camera-shy, Lucian Freud rarely allowed himself to be photographed. While working on Naked man with rat 1977-78 he commissioned a young Rose Boyt, one of his fourteen acknowledged children, to capture a series of moments in the studio.

Freud’s fascination with the unmediated, vulnerable and objectively seen human body led to a practice where sessions would last for months with a pose or a prop adding an element of awkwardness, thus bringing out a rawness in the sitter that Freud was after. 

Wild and sassy, Boyt forged a relationship with her father the same way as his other children, who had to get used to his unconventional parenting style. He painted many of them, including Boyt, whose unfinished portrait appears in the background of her photographs. The power dynamic between the three protagonists comes into focus in these images and they capture Boyt’s agency as a daughter, a sitter and a photographer in her own right.

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