Year 12 Perspectives 2017

Year 12 Perspectives 2017

Year 12 Perspectives showcases work by some of the best, brightest and most talented graduating high school artists in WA, and is a barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling.

In 2018, fifty-five works will be displayed by students from across Western Australia. This year’s judging panel comprised of: Leith Elliott, President of the Art Teachers Association of WA; Nathan Beard, Artist; and Dunja Rmandic, Associate Curator Projects, AGWA.  Works span a variety of subject matter and media, ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture, digital moving image, photography and textiles. Prominent themes in this year’s display include family, international politics and human impact on nature.




Act-Belong-Commit People's Choice Award


Act Belong Commit year 12 Perspectives Winner
Michaela Savage in front of her work titled ' Inheritance'


The winner of the Act-Belong-Commit People’s Choice Award is Michaela Savage for her work Inheritance 2017.

"While travelling on my third community service trip to remote Indigenous communities in Central Australia, and then to Laos, I experienced undeniably similar stories told by these two different people. Both told of dangerous legacies left by foreign powers with which the local communities must then cope alone. In Australia this was the case with the British who tested nuclear bombs at Maralinga (South Australia) and in Laos, the dumping of unexploded cluster bombs by the Unites States during the Vietnam War."

As part of the Award, Michaela Savage receives a $250 Gallery Shop voucher. One lucky voter has also won a $50 AGWA Shop voucher. St Mary's Anglican Girls School, as the school that Michaela attended, will also receive an art workshop and class tour of Culture Juice: Beyond Bling.

Packer's Prize award


Monkey Bars Adelina Holil
Adelina Holil Mercedes College Monkey bars 2017 (detail). Oil paint on plywood and pine frame. 179 x 115.4 x 69 cm overall. 


And the winner of this year's Packer's Prize is Adelina Holil for her work titled Monkey bars 2017.

Adelina commented on her work, "The purpose of Monkey bars is to reveal the dark secrets of child exploitation behind the production of our clothing. I have constructed a paradox of the exploited children in playful poses on a clothes rack depicting what they should be doing: playing. The clothing designs, depicting chains, ropes and graffiti, symbolise how these children are forced to be slaves and the torture they endure. The placement of the hangers emulate monkey bars; a typical childhood memory they may never have."



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