Children's Workshop | Every Eyelash Tells A Story with Carla Adams

Children's Workshop | Every Eyelash Tells A Story with Carla Adams

Join artist Carla Adams to create cute, quirky, crazy and cool characters that represent the people in your own life.

Reflect on the way features and facial expressions help to express emotion and personality. Participants will learn quick figurative drawing techniques and translate them into resolved multi-media artworks.

A fun, experimental workshop that raises questions about how we see each other, and read each-other’s faces:

Who is this person? Are they kind? Are they funny? Are the dangerous? Are they wise? Are they gloomy and sad in the coolest possible way?

Don’t forget to visit Carla Adams exhibition sorry I was/am too much and collect your FREE STICKERS!

3 hour workshop 
Suitable for ages 8+
All materials supplied

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Carla Adams
Carla Adams. Photo by Ethan Blackburn.


Carla Adams

Carla Adams was born in Perth (1984) and graduated with first class honours from Curtin University in 2014. Carla uses a wide range of materials and processes and has exhibited regularly since 2009. Her work is aligned with feminist sculptural and textile practices and investigates how women navigate online dating platforms. Carla uses portraiture, text and kitsch elements to develop humorous responses to encounters with dating site users.

Carla’s work is often accompanied by a narrative, a story in the artist's own words. These additional elements are regularly presented as a publication to sit alongside a body of work. They frequently include data gathered in an almost scientific approach. By using a seductive combination of craft materials and precious minerals, her work can often be startling. Luring the viewer in by using gems, glitter and pearls only to shock with titles that describe abusive or aggressive online encounters.

Adams has exhibited at MOANA, Turner Galleries, Bus Projects (Melbourne), FELTSpace (Adelaide), ARTBAR at The Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Verge Gallery (Sydney), Blindside (Melbourne) and her work was selected for the 2013 Hatched national graduate exhibition at PICA. She was a finalist in the 2017 Joondalup Invitation Art Award.